What’s the advantage of adups?

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Supports all major chip platforms

Supports all major chip platforms such as Qualcomm, MTK, SC, and more main-stream platforms.


Supports all connected Wireless devices

Supports all connected Wireless devices such as wearable devices, smart homes, vehicles. Available to Android, OS, Linux, and RTOS. Adups supports IoT devices such as Nordic, TI, and more.


High Efficient Delta Algorithm

Delta package is 30% smaller than Google’s original delta, and 90% faster than normal update.


Smart Delta Tool

Support IMG package to make delta, no compilation of OTA package; reduces workload of version management and errors.


High Concurrency

Global cloud server cluster, supporting more than billions of user scale, more.


Flexible Update Strategy

Adups facilitates a mixed update strategy based on identifiers such as, locations, models, software versions, subsets, or even specific single devices.


Security And Stability

Adups has multiple security methods including up-to-date security algorithms, signatures, and verifications along with USB keys to secure all updates.


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