When in Mumbai: Where there’s a Dream, There’s a Way

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Call it India’s New York, tell me it gives you the London vibes in a desi way, or just name it the flashy Bollywood city — I would just refer to it as ‘Aamchi Mumbai’. Housing some of the world’s most expensive houses and giving the road to some of the most luxury cars, Mumbai is also home to Asia’s biggest slums. Its multifariousness is what makes it so appealing. Let’s explore its different colors: 

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It is for a reason that Mumbai is known as the city of dreams! It is popular as the corporate capital worldwide, bracing businesses like no other city in India. But if you ask me, I would rather call it the official capital of strugglers. Every first step on train stations, airports and bus stop lands with a dream, and the metropolitan ensures that they get their fair share of opportunities to grow. It has this furious energy that never lets one rest. When are you booking an appointment with your dream? Get your flight ticket from Dubai to Mumbai, today! 


AY Store Mumbai – 18

From luxury brands like Chanel and Hugo Boss, designer delights like Bombay Electric and Melange to street fashion in Colaba Causeway and Fashion Street — Mumbai serves a platter-full of fashion options. If you thought Dubai was the ultimate site for fashionistas, start checking flights from Dubai to Mumbai now and come smell the coffee.

History and Architecture


Built out of an archipelago of seven islands, brushed with Portuguese and British architecture and shimmered with modern construction — Mumbai is as rich in its historical heritage as it is with its contemporary opulence.

Art and Culture


Mumbai is a land of many faiths and many languages, which only adds to its charisma. From ‘Bambaiya-Hindi’ and local cuisines to polished fine arts, the city is an absolute bliss for people who admire the beauty in diverse art and culture. Jahangir Art Gallery, Prabhodankar Thackeray Theater Club and Kala Ghoda festivals are just some of the most celebrated comrades.

Come to Mumbai to experience its different hues! 



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