Which is the cheapest R4 card supports 3ds games for NEW 2DS?

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Here in this article, I will tell you the cheapest R4 card to buy for New 2DS XL and the flash card supports 3DS Games on 2DSXL console too. Before choose a flash card for Nintendo new 2ds, you should read this post.

Which is the cheapest R4 card to buy for New 2DS?

Ace3ds plus is the cheapest R4. Like all 3ds r4 card can be used on new3ds as well, the Ace3ds plus has no problems to work on Nintendo New 2DS for DS emulation. Being sold at 10, Ace3ds plus is the R4 card with the lowest price to play Free Thousands of DS Games and emulate the FC?SFC?ATARI?GBC?GB?MD?NEOGEO?PC-Engine on all 3ds family devices. Currently, it is working on 3ds v11.4 and lower versions. If you are the one without much need for the R4 flashcard, the Ace3ds plus is a good choice for New 2DS XL, it is cheap to buy and supporting the basic functions of R4, such as playing most of DS Games, compatible with ds homebrews, supports some old game emulators, also AR cheats and Multimedia features are included.

But if you want to get a long-time to use and an updated R4 card, Ace3ds plus isn’t the option. Firstly, it with old version wood kernel v1.62, released in 2013 and hadn’t been updated until now. Secondly, it is the one-time to use flash card, means that Ace3ds plus can’t be updated if one day Nintendo blocks it via release new 3ds firmware version. Based on the two points, for most of DS gamers, I don’t recommend you this card. Though it is indeed cheap, other R4 cards for example R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is priced at €17, not expensive to buy too and supports regular updated card kernel and better compatibility for future 3ds updating.

Which flash card supports 3DS Games on New 2DS XL?

No the R4 card, many of you think the R4 card can play 3ds games, but it is wrong. R4 flash card can not play 3ds games, even on the new 2ds xl or new 3ds xl machines. The R4i gold, R4i 3ds, R4isdhc series, Ace3ds plus, R4i gold eu 3ds even include r4i gold 3ds deluxe are not playing 3ds games on your new New 2ds xl or ll console. You should keep this in mind.

Do not buy any R4 card for playing 3ds games! If you are looking for the 3ds game flash cart for New 2ds xl, the Sky3ds+ is a good option. You can know more about the card here.

Sky3ds+ is a 3ds game supported card, means it plays nintendo 3ds games on your 3ds/3ds xl/2ds/new 3ds/new 3ds xl machines. Sky3ds+ is compatile with 3ds v11.4.0 and will support the 3ds v11.5/11.6 in future too. Cause it is liking the copy of 3ds retail game card, without using any exploit but hacking the 3ds with cheating method. Sky3ds plus is able to let you play Hundreds of 3ds games on its card too, it is also working with the memory micro sd/sdhc card. To setup sky3ds+ on any 3ds family device is super easy and 100% safe. Just download files online, put them to the sd card, insert sky3ds+ with microsd to your 3ds/2ds/new 3ds console. Then, nearly All 3ds games are free to you to play. So why not choose it?

Is it safe to use flash cart on New 2DS XL or LL console?

Yes, both the 3ds R4 cart and sky3ds+ cart are safe to use for the N2DS XL or LL version model. They are working with the microsd card, all files and game roms are saved there, no influence to your console firmware. And Nintendo do not ban NEW 2DS even you use the either r4 3ds cart or sky3ds+. The 2 flashcards have been in use for years, so do not worry, your gaming machine is 100% safe!

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