Why banker offer escorts to clients?

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It’s widely known most people have a sexual drive. It’s a biological conditioning that we cannot help but feel towards people we perceive as eligible sexual partners.

That being said, with the way our society is set, people can (and do) get an advantage of this sometimes. Sex can be used to persuade people, make them loosen up, and distract them.

A popular technique used by bankers is to bring their clients into strip clubs or even brothels in an effort to generate business. Making them sign risky deals or investments, giving them something that they are biologically conditioned to as a distraction, a bait, namely sex via escort services.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the reasons for such actions, their consequences and what could be done in order to improve the situation.


Starting with: What do bankers do in order to get an edge and how far could they go?

It’s common practice among every Public Relations practitioner, Lobbyist and more to shower their targets’ with freebies, expensive dinners and more. It appears though that among the Bankers, the common business trips’ with clients are more extravagant. Going to strip clubs and even brothels for escort services.

With the current way that our culture is set, such an endeavor could have a great impact on male clients. Since it’s scientifically proven that men are less in touch (and therefore less in control) with their sexuality, conducting such meetings in extremely sexual environments can have a substantial impact on the male clients. And it seems that bankers understand this and are willing to take the extra step and go further, offering escort services to their clients.


What do bankers get out of it?

We’ve touched briefly on this up until now. Doing business involves logic, deep knowledge, social skills, etc. There is no place for emotion in business, not when you’re signing a billion-dollar contract. And bankers know that.

As people, the surrounding environment can have a great impact on our current moods and emotions. And that’s not how business is done.

This knowledge (that virtually everyone is aware of at some level) allows bankers to increase their chances when trying to get a client to sign. Because emotions are powerful and irrational (and they just FEEL RIGHT) people can easily be tricked into doing irrational things, such as overlooking the importance of a document.

By manipulating the environment towards a highly sexual one, bankers can, in a way, distract their clients into a contract.


Are there any consequences to this behavior?

Of course, there are. Every action has its consequences.

When you act in a mean way, people consequentially perceive you as a mean person, leading to them not liking you.

Similarly, when bankers offer escort services like this website  to their clients it promotes a momentum that some might call sexist.

A female banker would probably not be quite keen on such behavior. This would lead to only male bankers conducting this, making them more profitable and thus more desirable to their employers. This creates a disbalance among the genders in the field.

Another thing to keep in mind is that an endeavor like this can be a high-risk, high-reward”. Men are known for their aggressive nature and risk-taking. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more cautious and with a long-term perspective. A high-risk, high-reward’ mindset could lead to incredible losses, possibly even a financial crisis. This is why many experts believe that if more women were chief executives in the financial sector, there would inevitably be less financial crises.


How can the situation be improved?

As we discovered, offering escort services to clients can be manipulative and deceitful. So how ethical are such actions?

Ethics and morals are a very gray area for everyone. Some people can have an unshakable sense of justice while others can make even the most immoral action sound like the obvious choice of action. This is why this question can never be truly objectively answered.

We can, however, look at it from an angle of wins and losses and give make a decision for ourselves.

What’s better: potential higher investments and better contract with clients under the emotional influence of sex? OR the better stability of a client meeting done by the book’?

I’m sure different people will have a different opinion on which choice is better. For now, the higher risk of offering escort services to clients is the winning choice for bankers.


And that’s about it. Now you know basically everything you need about why bankers regularly offer escorts to their clients.

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