Why Businesses Are Choosing DBaaS

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Database as a service (DBaas) is a cloud computing subscription based service that enables its user the access to a database, without having to set up any physical hardware or software. The service provider takes care of the regular maintenance checks and the administrative duties which provides the user uninterrupted use of the service. This has become one of the fastest growing cloud services because it allows the user to plan, manage, utilize, configure, and operate the database easily. The database has two main consumers – IT organizations and the developer.

DBaaS is Inexpensive

Cloud computing has reinvented the storage system, cutting down the cost. With the rise in use of the technology and due to the competition in the market, the prices have really come down. It provides a structured storage system, making it easier for the user. With several companies realizing the value of the DBaaS, the demand is even higher. The cloud architecture patterns can be divided into a relational database (SQL) and a non-relational database (NoSQL).

Years ago, the data management systems were not as easy to use as they are today. The databases required a lot of manual tasks and the person in charge had to learn about the systems, in and out, and had to manage and repair the system.  It would take a week or two to setup the complete system. Now, because of the cloud computing, these databases run on cloud-hosted servers. Today, people are always on the quest to save time. Therefore, many businesses and companies don’t want the hassle of physical tasks that were a must in the previous databases.

Easy Setup

Databases as a service don’t consume a lot of time, they start running and is ready to use within minutes, and this service offers a thorough configuration that the user requires. This service basically makes solving problems, correcting mistakes, and transferring data easier. The configuration of DBaaS is done through extremely simple files. This service is one of the reasons for an incredible boom in some of the technologies, mainly open source databases.

Due to the high demand, some tech companies have started offering their own version such as Google’s Cloud Bigtable. DBaaS has come into existence at the right time because there is an advancement in the technology today and the tech world is collecting more and more data each day. DBaaS helps the user focus more on what matters, as everything else such as streamlining the operation, is already taken care of by the service.


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