Why can Story-telling be beneficial for kids?

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Long gone are the days when parents used to read out stories to their children before bed – the world is moving at a fast pace, no one has enough time. There is a colossal amount of pressure on the parents today – jobs, the complexities in the family, less leisure time and the technological aspects of life – which are depleting the age-old tradition of story-telling nowadays.

Story-telling holds paramount importance in developing your child’s overall persona. This tradition has been in everybody’s childhood and here we are now – all grown-ups, so why not our child gets the same experience.

Parents are busy nowadays so they believe in letting their children watch cartoon and then ask them to get to their beds. However, parents often fail to understand the pleasure that story-telling gives to children. It creates a special bond between the parents and the children.

Story-telling has been practiced since time immemorial since there are countless benefits associated with it. Let us walk you through the top 7 advantages of story-telling. 

1.      Brings out creativity and imagination

When a child listens to a story, they can associate to the plot and the characters portrayed instead of visualizing them on a paper. They can imagine anything they want – they can reach the horizons of their imagination and enjoy creating those cute little characters in their mind. Not only does it brings out the imagination in the children’s minds, but also brings out their creativity and ideas.


2.      Boosts the verbal skills

When you read out stories to your children especially toddlers and kindergartners, they can learn more about the language – new words, their pronunciation, new phrases etc. Story-telling also enhances your child’s ability to grasp new vocabulary in a more fun and interactive way that other activities cannot achieve.


3.      Memory booster

You can bring out ideas that can boost your child’s memory with the story-telling activity. You can ask your child to narrate the story you read them out after a certain interval of time. You can also ask them to narrate the story you have just told them until the moment you stopped. This can not only boost your children’s memory but also enhance their concentration levels.


4.      Teach about the good and virtues in life

Children have a great liking towards stories. They like to learn about new characters and some of them even become their favourite. They try to act like them and become exactly the way you portray them in your story. So, what you can do here is read out stories for kids with a beautiful moral and virtues like courage, honesty, wisdom, bravery etc.

5.      Studying becomes easier

Story-telling can be a major step towards a better learning process. There are children who often engage in rote learning – which is not fruitful at all. By acquainting your children with stories at an early age can help them to learn school subjects such as history as a story. Stories make the learning process much easier.


6.      Communication skills

There is a lot of hesitation in little ones and if they tend to have that hesitation for a long time, they might hesitate when they grow up. Thus, honing communication skills become the most important part of every children’s childhood. Story-telling can help children in asking out questions, fuel their curiosity and learn the art of communication. It can also help them to learn about having a conversation with people. Regular reading and writing stories can also help them to become great orators.


7.      Learning new things about the world

Kids are not aware of the countries and cultures around the world. By the art of story-telling, you can help your kids to learn about new places, the specialities and traditions about them. With every new story, you can bring in a new place and country into a picture. It becomes a great learning experience for children.



Story-telling has many advantages that can help your child grow and learn. Moreover, there are stories that are perfect to teach them about life and difficult situations with courage. It also teaches them about the good things and the bad things in life. So, help your child learn and teach them new things every day with a new story! 

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