Why choose a dedicated server

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  1.           My hosting or shared server is falling short.
  2.          I need to move to a dedicated server and I want help to choose the best
  3.       I’m looking for a dedicated server for my website and I do not know where to start.

There are many reasons to move from a shared hosting to a dedicated hosting service. Above all, it is recommended when your company is already consolidated and begins to consume many web resources. This is because a dedicated server is a physical or virtual machine dedicated exclusively to your website, so its configuration, performance and security are totally private and autonomous. Also, in a private server, unlike a shared server or hosting, you usually have many more resources and, most importantly, you can dispose of them 100%.

If you do not have a lot of technical knowledge about servers or you do not have a person who knows and can handle the management of the server, you can be overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of a dedicated server, its maintenance and the resolution of incidents that can happen in it over time. In these cases in which one cannot take charge of the management and configuration of the server is highly recommended the option of choosing a dedicated server managed by the provider. Not all companies offer this service, but some do. In these cases, the managed server is still the same dedicated server, only that it does not have access to the configuration panel, so everything is simplified.

Analyze well what size and resources you need for your server based on the history of your website. Inform yourself about whether it is possible to expand or reduce the server or move to another according to your needs. It is important not to hire more or less than you need, since the prices are quite high.

Of course, dedicated servers are much more expensive than shared hosting. Also these prices are especially expensive, while American companies are cheaper and have more data processing centers. The prices between one and another company do not vary much.

 Whether you are hiring a server company or an international company based, it is important to ask which country is the IP (sometimes the service, but the server is located in another country) This is related to Web Positioning, because if your market is located exclusively in a country, it may be convenient for your web server to have an IP from that country.

One of the most important factors when deciding on a dedicated or other server provider is that customer service and technical support are easy to contact, in your language (if you do not speak English), offer fast and personalized support . For this, a good trick to test how is the service of a server company is to contact them asking for a quote. If the company is good, they will respond quickly and ask you for specifications of your website traffic consumed, disk space, how many users do you have what kind of website it is. The more specifications you request the better the attention will be, since they are taking into account your individual requirements and they are not offering you a standard pack for everyone. In addition, the salesperson should contact the technicians to give you the assessment of the budget.

On the other hand, if it is costing you to get in touch with them, to be answered, or not to find the customer service button on the page or support because it is not in sight. Better discard them directly.

Confirm that the support is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is, it is always active and there are technicians on duty. Imagine that the server falls on a holiday and the company does not work on that day.

Sooner or later you may need to install some kind of software to improve the performance of the machine or the productivity of the technicians.

An important point to take into account when choosing a dedicated server for your web project is to make sure that it has security applications to guarantee a fail-safe protection: Firewall, SSL Certificate. ..


The usability of the server has to be good, otherwise if you do not have much experience it can be very frustrating, so it would be more advisable to use a dedicated server managed as explained in the first point. 

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