Why Distance Learning?

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Reliability vs Simplicity

So, you are considering taking on a degree in Botswana, Africa. You are faced with a choice, and one that has only been an option for a few years.


With the introduction of distance learning courses in Botswana, Africa, you can make a decision between attending University for your studies, or taking on a business and accounting degree in your spare time via distance learning.


Both options come with pros and cons, for example, attending a University feels safer, more trustworthy, you know exactly who you’re dealing with and what’s going on, whereas with distance learning there is more scope for people to take advantage of you.


On the other side, the accessibility offered by online bachelor degree programmes in Botswana, Africa means that you can balance your studies with your day to day life, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your job or your family, instead being able to carry out your studies at home or from work whenever you have the time to do so, where attending University can take over your life and leave you with little free time for anything else.


This makes the decision hard, but it doesn’t have to, because the aforementioned issue with distance learning can be rectified by looking up accredited universities by BQA.




Being accredited by BQA means that a University’s distance learning in account program can be trusted, you will be taught by experienced and trained teachers who will help you through your studies, with online text books and resources at your disposal from the comfort of your home or office.


When you are dealing with an accredited University, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of, which takes away the negatives of distance learning, while you can still enjoy the positives of being able to live the life you choose to while you study.


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