Why DuraFlex Cable is Right For You

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Are you looking for new Drain Snake Cables? If so, you surely want the best product. Ideally, a product should be of the highest quality, produced with the best technologies, and can pass vigorous tests to assure its greatness. When looking for such a cable, search no further than Duracable’s line of DuraFlex cables. DuraFlex cables are the highest quality product on the market and for good reason.

When you purchase a DuraFlex cable, you are buying a top-notch quality cable. A product of such quality must be made the proper way. This is why all of our cables are solely manufactured in the United States. You can be sure that this is not some poorly made, mass-produced cable coming from a foreign country with unknown regulations and standards. DuraFlex cables are made right here in the USA to assure that the best standards of quality, productivity, and longevity are reached. You can trust that our cables will work properly and efficiently and will do so while withstanding the tests of time.

On top of being American-made, DuraFlex cables are produced using only the best equipment and technologies. We use the most up-to-date cable-winding equipment available. We pair this with the use of our own proprietary high-tensile strength wire. This is a winning combination that produces very strong and reliable cables. We know that manufacturing can always have some slip-ups, so to make sure of their strength and reliability we put our cables through four tests. If a cable doesn’t reach our best-of-the-market quality standards, it is discarded and not sold.

We begin our testing with the “inside/outside diameter test.” This test makes sure that the diameter of both the inside and the outside of each cable meet our specifications. We then do a “drop test” which tests the stiffness of the cable. Cables that are too stiff cannot properly move through a drain. Our “twist test” checks how much torque a cable can handle before knotting or breaking. During this test, we restrain one end of the cable to keep it in place and the machine is twisting the other end of the cable. And finally there is our “stretch test” which is the most extensive. We stretch each cable, its coils less than ? the thickness of a human hair apart, until a feeler gauge can be inserted between the coils. We record the pounds of pressure and distance for cable consistency. We bring the cable back to the point of no pressure and measure how much it actually stretched. If they successfully pass these four tests, meeting all of our standards, then it is ready to be sold.

If that’s not enough for you to see why DuraFlex is the right choice of drain snake cables, they also come with a warranty. That’s right, all of our DuraFlex cables include a 30-day warranty at no additional cost to you. Like the cables themselves, this warranty is the best available in the market – you can’t find it better anywhere else. Why the warranty? Well, it’s very unlikely for anything to go wrong, but if something somehow does, you now have no need to worry.

DuraFlex drain snake cables are the strongest, most reliable, and longest lasting cables available for purchase. We assure these attributes by producing our products in America, using the best possible equipment and by putting it through four tests. And the best cables come with a free warranty! What more could you ask for? Visit Duracable.com today to start browsing through the best drain snake cables on the market and find the best one for you.

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