Why installing a fire sprinkler system?

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Every year more than half a million fires take place all over the country damaging not only properties but also lives of thousands of people. If in the past only fire alarm system was an option that could literally give time for escape, today, unfortunately, it does not always guarantee your safety. This happened because in the past residential houses were easier to escape from leaving people around 15 minutes for that. Today, statistically, people have no more than 5 minutes to leave their home unharmed after the smoke or fire alarm starts working. As a result, people frequently have no time at all. This is why most fire safety experts today talk about the importance of implementing fire sprinkler system into the daily lives of homeowners and making it obligatory for residential use.

Cooking – the most common source of home fires

If you have ever inquired about the death rate in the country, then you might have come across the number of around 2,500 people dying in a result of a fire daily. Most of these fires happened in residential homes (more than 93%). Fire department workers say that most of these deaths were cause by fires started during the cooking process and in 19% it lead to lethal outcome and in 44% lead to injury.

This brings up again the benefits offered by the installation of a fire sprinkler system at home. According to the studies in Canada, and Toronto in particular the risk of death after the implementation of fire sprinkler system is slashed by 80%. This happens mainly because the sprinkler system reserves the fire spread and stops it in the very beginning.

Apart from life costs you should understand that home fire also brings sever financial troubles in terms of home repairs as well as medical bills for injuries recovery. Statically every year people spend over $6.7 bullions for these causes. But with the implementation of fire sprinkler system the statistics has improved significantly so medical expenses from fire injuries were cut to 53% and overall fire-related casualties to only 41%.

Fire sprinklers highly affordable, accurate

People who are willing to improve fire safety at home in most cases choose fire sprinkler system installation mainly because of its affordability. If you do the math and calculate the true benefits and safety precautions that a fire sprinkler system offers, you will see that the price will be pretty much equal to the installation of a heated bathtub or driveway re-pavement. But while the latter options can mainly bring aesthetical profit, a fire sprinkler system will directly influence on your home’s and life’s safety.


Elina Sivak is a content developer for a range of internet content hubs, who shares opinion on a variety of fire safety subjects typified by the benefits provided by the installation of a fire sprinkler system at residential premises and matters alike. A tireless traveler of digital space and an opinion maker in all that has to do with the fire safety.

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