Why Interactive Whiteboards Are Indispensable To New Age Corporate Houses

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Whiteboards and erasers are passé. Today, most corporates are making a transition to interactive whiteboards. There is an intense competition in the business world, and the interactive boards help you save time and money. These boards enable instant sharing of information with your team. Also, they keep soft copies containing all the annotations and additions you may have made during the presentation.

Here are a few reasons why companies have opted for interactive whiteboards recently.

Prompt Communication

An interactive whiteboard is a precious tool to have when you’re communicating with your team in real time. Earlier, you had to print copies that had to be handed out at the end of the meeting. Now, you can conveniently email the contents in a PDF file, complete with annotations.

Real Time Collaboration

One of the most important features of interactive white boards is their ability to host digital, interactive meetings with others via networked devices and peripherals. The whiteboard can support up to 20 users at a time and enable you to collaborate by sharing the screen with others.

More Engagement Among Participants

Video conferencing is becoming quite common in corporate houses today. With interactive whiteboards, the participants of the meeting are encouraged to engage more elaborately and discuss their viewpoint with others. Besides, there is no need to take down notes since everything is recorded automatically.

Mobile Connectivity

The interactive whiteboard can network with iOS and Android phones, making it easier for the users to connect with and attend the meeting. Mobile connectivity is what ensures you can share the board with others even when you are literally on the move.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that interactive whiteboards are almost indispensable in the new age corporate houses. Apart from the above-given points, the display of vibrant graphics and better presentation are also reasons why people no longer opt for the traditional whiteboards and erasers in meetings.


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