Why Kubernetes is a Smart Choice for Companies

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Using a kubernetes cloud provider service has numerous benefits which many businesses have already utilized or are planning to integrate soon. The cloud provider used is a type of module offering users an interface where they are able to manage nodes, balancers, and even the networking routes. This givesmore control to the customer and is an easier way to manage vs. traditional storage methods. AWS is the most commonly used provider as it supports widely used AWS hosts, such as a load balancing service which you can alter and/or add to should you wish. Once the kubernetes deployment has taken place using the desired AWS provider, you are able to add hosts. Once hosts have been added with the IAM role giving the correct access, you are able to use ELB’s which stands for elastic load balancers. 

Kubernetes deployment is not as difficult as it may seem. A kubernetes cloud provider will guide you through the process so that it’s as seamless as possible and most businesses require no downtime for the process. With more and more people using kubernetescontainers for their virtual storage, there has been others trying to compete with kubernetesopenstack.  However,kubernetes continues to come out on top for many reasons, the first being it has been around a lot longer than the others and has been used successfully by Google, the original creators, for over a decade. 

Being an openstack resource, you are able to use it for a number of storage solutions, and unlike other providers, you are not tied into using only a certain brand of software. This makes it suitable for in-house systems, apps and other data. Due to the amount of time kubernetesopenstack has been around, there is a huge community where programmers will add solutions they have found to make it such a compatible storage solution. 

As it’s already been proved to be successful with Google, the kubernetes cloud provider is the way to go.  Much of the work that other providers are yet to catch up with has already been mastered and deployed showing that it works. There’s support throughout the process of the kubernetes deployment when you use a kubernetes cloud provider, which means that those that are yet to have discovered the benefits are not fearful of making the change. You don’t have to even understand kubernetes in great detail to see why so many companies are switching to the most popular cloud provider around. 


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