Why not me?

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I learned that if I want to be successful I cant place my personal value in the hands of those around me. I don’t hang around one person who is winning on the strength of their hard work. The people I know think winning is living off the system and chilling. They have excuses as to why their not among the fortunate. Fuck that, I cant do it. I don’t look at my current situation as a handicap or accept it as the way life way is. If I listen to those around me and buy what they’re selling I’ll be just like them. My current situation, as rough as it is empowers me. My current situation is what motivates me to get out the bed and try my ass off to be better. Thats because I know I’m better. I look in the mirror and say “So what my credit is ruined”, “So what I have a record, no license, no car.”  “So what I’m in debt” “So what my two baby moms hate me and make seeing my daughters difficult”, “So what I was on drugs…. I’m clean today!”… I can go on forever. But fuck all that…. I’m a winner. My current situation isn’t winning but I’m not some punk ass dude that’s scared to face myself and face the world and go out there and make a way.

Why not me? Why cant i be a success story? Why cant i be someone who overcame? Why do I have to be the one lost in the struggle, looking at the person who overcame what they were going through and say to myself, “I wish I can do that”. Fuck that! I am going to do that. No one will work harder than me. No one will hold me to my past. No one will convince me that I have no chance to rise above the bullshit. I will be the one people look up to and ask… “How did you do it?” So that’s my rant.

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