Why Should You Change Your Tyres for Winter?

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Winter in the UK brings along many new challenges with it, especially for drivers. It goes without saying that safety is paramount when driving a car and there should be no compromises. Winter tyres ensure more safety for the drivers and passengers in the car. As the season changes from summer to winter, the road conditions change as well. Getting a whole new set of tyres for the season could be expensive and that is what makes this decision debatable.

Winter tyres are welcome additions to your garage but are they really worth it? Many drivers argue that it is unnecessary to get a different set of tyres for winter as all-season tyres are good enough for the whole year. However, there are certain perks associated with having differenttyres for winter and you can find them below. 

1. Ensuring Safety

As you have already read in the introduction, these tyres ensure the safety of all those travelling in the car. How does it do that? The design of a winter tyre is very different from other tyres. It consists of a softer compound and its treads are different too. This makes it a better choice when driving at temperatures below 7oC. Some might say that all-season tyres are better as they are useful in both the summer and winter seasons. The difference lies in the fact that these tyres are not specifically just for winter.

2. Better Driving Experience

When you buy tyres that are especially suited to the road conditions during the winter season you make way for a better driving experience as well. These tyres provide better traction, turning, and braking. The overall performance of your car increases by a great deal. These tyres work better during winter when there is snow on the road and normal tyres that you had used in the summer might leave you prone to accidents. Therefore, not just safety, but these tyres help you to drive effortlessly on challenging roads.

3. Good Performance on Dry Roads

The summer tyres or all-season tyres that you might think are good for use in winter would actually harden in the cold. These tyres remain soft when the temperatures are high but as it drops their usefulness drops by a big margin. Getting specialised tyres during winter is your best choice as they remain soft even in lower temperatures. These perform well even on dry roads as their rubber is more flexible.

4. Durability

By changing your tyres for the winter you also give rest to your usual tyres that badly needed some time off. As they rest for almost half a year, their durability increases. Again, when summer comes, switch to them and give your winter tyres some rest.

As you can see, changing your tyres during winter can improve so many things and keep danger at bay. Express of Walton has set a high standard when it comes to car services and products. When you buy tyres here, you make sure that your car gets the perfect care. Give your car a long life with maintenance and servicing at Express of Walton.

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