Why simple thread gauges are still popular and in use?

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Thread gauges are one of the most important quality control tools. If you happen to manufacture threaded parts for your in-house needs or for the needs of your customers, you are required ensure the highest level of accuracy. To check the accuracy level of the threads there are thread gauges. Today we have many advanced electronic or digital thread gauges in the industry. Despite the prevalence of the digital thread gauges the conventional simple thread gauges are still popular and are used extensively. How come the latest versions of the thread gauges are not replaced by the newer varieties?


Here are some of the reasons why a simple NPT thread gauge or trapezoidal thread gauge is used. First of all they meet the functional requirements fully and they are very effective. When this tool is still a highly effective in meeting the testing requirements, there is no need to switch to newer types.


When compared to their digital counterparts the NPT thread gauge is still cheaper. There is no need to spend more money on a tool when you could easily do with a cheaper version. All the industries are trying to reduce their overhead costs and in this context it does not make sense to go for higher priced tools which offer no special benefit.


Above all, it is lot easier to use the simple thread gauge. One does not require any special training to use the simple thread gauge. Just about anyone can easily make use of the thread gauges if they are not of the digital type. In a matter of just few minutes you could give complete orientation to someone who has never seen a thread gauge to use one correctly without any problem. Whereas if it is digital gauge then a lot of training is required before one is ready to use the digital thread gauge and take correct reading.


There are no special maintenance issues with the simple thread gauges. Just some basic precautions are required to be taken with the gauge. If handled well, they do last for a long time depending on the frequency of testing.


These are some of the many reasons why simple thread gauges are preferred over the digital thread gauges. Once you decide to go with simple thread gauges for your needs, it is highly recommended that you choose your supplier with utmost care. You will need to make sure that you screen as many suppliers as you could in the given time. This will help you spot the best supplier of thread gauges. Before placing your order, you might also want to check the cost of the thread gauges between suppliers. You will be surprised to notice that each supplier has their own prices and sometimes the prices vary so drastically from one supplier and the other. You need to be aware of all such challenges when you are ordering your thread gauges so that you can find the most reliable sources to buy your thread gauge.


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