Why You Need to Service Your Fire Alarm System

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When you run a commercial business that is of a scale that needs fire protection equipment installed on your premises, you will want to ensure the continued servicing and maintenance of your equipment to meet with your statutory fire safety requirements.


Why do I need a Fire Alarm?


Fire alarms are your first early warning system to alert the whole building to the possibility of a fire breaking out on your premises. By warning your staff or building occupants early, it will allow everyone inside the building to safely evacuate to their designated fire point. This ensures a roll-call can be taken to make sure everyone is accounted for while awaiting the arrival of the fire service.


Fire alarms are a legal requirement for most commercial properties, but there is actually very little emphasis on the maintenance of your fire protection system. This is why it is of great importance that you set up a regular servicing schedule with a professional fire safety specialist company.


Common Faults found with Alarms


The last thing you will want to happen is for your fire alarm to fail in the event of an actual fire breakout. The consequences of having a faulty fire alarm system could be very costly, or even fatal.


Most common faults that occur to fire alarm systems usually involve power failures. In the event of a power failure, you may need to have your alarm system reset. Also, some systems can be at risk of ground faults that can knock out parts of the system leaving areas of your building unprotected. This can be through any number of causes, such as water damage or an accident through human error where cabling or wiring gets knocked about, impacted, worn through or frayed through activities and movement in working areas.


Why Should I Service the Whole System?


You may believe that even if only part of your fire protection system is working that it would give sufficient warning to other parts of the building. While many modern alarm systems will have a central control panel that will tell you where there is a fault, you may be completely unaware of a circuit break within the system that doesn’t show up as a fault. A professional fire safety inspector will be able to fully test your system to highlight any hidden faults that are not showing up, but also any areas that have potential faults developing.


A regular service and maintenance contract with a professional fire safety company will ensure that every inch of your fire alarm system is inspected and tested to make sure it meets with all current fire safety regulations.


Remember that if you have a faulty fire alarm system, you may not be able to make a valid claim on your contents or building insurance should you need to claim in the event of a fire. Many insurance companies offer cover and charge lower prices to business owners who have a fully tested and functioning fire alarm system in place, so it is worth keeping your fire safety equipment up to date and well maintained to get yourself more favourable insurance prices. For more details visit website

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