Why You Should Be Wearing Mitchell & Ness

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By Gabrielle E. Osirim

Founded in 1904, Mitchell & Ness, a company originating in Philadelphia, has been a favorite of celebrities for decades. Specializing in throwback apparel, the company has re-created a number of vintage sportswear items, ranging from NBA jerseys to MLB headwear. To name a few, the brand has been spotted on artists such as: Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Jay- Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Each, with their own distinctive style, has been able to successfully pair a Mitchell & Ness jersey, snapback, or jacket with their individual look.

The nostalgic sportswear has been widely popular among sports fans and celebrities alike. The inclusivity within the company has proven itself to be successful across the country. Although its roots are in Philadelphia, Mitchell & Ness has been able to maintain relationships with each and every team in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

With fashion trends like Athleisure on the rise, this retro gear offers customers a unique and exclusive look unparalleled by any other brands to date. Even though their products tend to be on the expensive side, their quality is incredibly exceptional.

Mitchell & Ness is responsible for mainstreaming throwback wear and popularizing it within the fashion world. Their snapbacks and jerseys are popular among both sports fans and fashion lovers. Mitchell & Ness’ authentic vintage wear has revolutionized the fashion world by making sports apparel a casual staple for the average trendsetter. Stars like Kanye West & Rihanna have effectively shown how versatile their products can be. Both have successfully kept their respective looks intact with the addition of a Mitchell & Ness snapback.

Their retro street wear has made its way into a myriad of music videos, photo shoots and more. Kendrick Lamar can be seen sporting a Mitchell & Ness authentic Boston Patriots Jacket in his hit song, King Kunta. In the music video for Beyonce’s Grammy award winning song, Drunk in Love, Jay-Z is wearing a Mitchell & Ness x Don leather snapback.  French Montana even mentioned the brand in his song Moses, featuring Chris Brown and Migos.

The brand has had a significant influence on the current state of casual athletic apparel in everyday life, and that is in part due to its popularity among celebrities, whose fashion trends have heavily impacted what is deemed as fashionable. If you’re a fashion lover who’s interested in staying up to date with the latest trends be sure to check out Mitchell & Ness’ site for one-of-a-kind vintage sportswear. 


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