Why You Should Consider Long Tail Keywords Now

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Every modern marketer can relate to the importance of choosing the right keywords in the SEO Strategy. Short keywords and long keywords has been a hot potato among digital marketers,Agency SEO experts and entrepreneurs.


Why short tail keywords are lagging behind?

One of the main reason of not using short tail keywords is that they have high CPC(cost per click) because many marketers would be bidding for a specific keyword. For one, two or three word searches, ad ranking is relatively low. The average position of these short tail keywords in search ranking is very little as compared to that of long tail keywords.

Anyone who own a small business find it really hard to rank higher in search results. This is due to the cut throat competition and most of them are targeted by “bigger websites”.

Moreover, a website can not gain much success with just more “clicks”. In order to rank higher, visitors must engage with your website as conversion rate is everything that matters.

What are long tail keywords?

Digital experts have been talking about the pros and cons of using short tail keywords. short tail keywords generate high traffic to your website but you may end up attracting the wrong traffic. Technically, long tail keywords proved to be way ahead in perspective of ROI(return on investment). They are very specific sentence of at least 3 or 4 words that account for almost 70% of all impression.

Difference between short tail and long tail keywords

In order to understand which type of keywords to use, one must be aware about the latest trends of searches on engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. People often use short words like “shop shoes” instead of “buy shoes online”. This is the difference between short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

Benefits of using long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords generate specific type of traffic. These are the people who use search more precisely. If you are observing the latest trends in your industry, there should not be any problem in creating the relevant long tail keywords for your SEO strategy. They have a significant search volume. The true power of long tail keywords lies in en masse.

Another great advantage of using these long tail keywords is that they are way cheaper for the same ad ranking. There is very less competition in long tail keywords. That means you can have better conversions with little efforts.

How to use long tail keywords effectively?

SEO experts must use these keywords very specifically in order to target the right audience. Your ads will rank significantly higher when your word count is increased.

You must invest sufficient amount of time and efforts in researching the solutions that your customers are looking for. If you are good creating original content that is genuinely helpful, you will naturally get actionable ideas about new long tail keywords.

Although Digital marketing is changing the world at a rapid pace, it has a wide range of areas that still need to be discovered. Long tail keywords are one of them. In order to survive in this cold market, one must adapt to the latest changes, tools and trends in this marketing era.

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