World’s leading executives & minds unite to inspire & collaborate at IB League

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Memberships have now opened for IB League – members community where world’s leading executives & minds unite to inspire & collaborate in business & life.

IB League members are world’s leading executives, experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who come with top experience from Fortune 500, unicorn companies, investment banks, venture capital firms, leading start-ups, law firms, independent practices, governments and education from world’s leading universities.

IB League’s goal is to unite world’s leading executives & minds to inspire & collaborate in business & life through deep relationships, trusted business, shared wisdom, talent & opportunities, technology for leaders, peer-to-peer investments, shared experiences and more.

While most other elite member communities choose to segregate themselves based on a region, religion, age group, gender, race, industry, job function and other dividing factors, IB League celebrates diversity and believes in global unity.

“Embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier.”

— Harvard study, running for almost 80 years


IB League team agrees with longest running Harvard study findings that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier – personally and in business. In the words of study director, Robert Waldinger – “Loneliness Kills. It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism.” And we know that it has been lonely at the top – for CEOs, CXOs, top executives and great minds across sectors.

“Loneliness kills. It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism”

— Robert Waldinger, Harvard Professor

Therefore, IB League is built as a community of like-minded executives & great minds to form deep trusted relationships and not just network, connect or link in. IB League has drawn it’s values from ancient wisdom and execution approach from world’s leading executives, professors and greatest minds with whom IB League founder, Ael PJ worked in all major industries and shared valuable experiences while living, working and traveling worldwide in last 15 years.

“IB League is a members community where world’s leading executives & minds unite to inspire & collaborate in business & life.”

— Ael PJ, IB League Founder

IB League team is grateful to all world’s leading executives & minds who believe in IB League and find it meaningful, inspiring and empowering to become part of IB League community. Learn more about IB League and request membership at

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