You Need to Determine to Pick the Right Type Fly Screens

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Every homeowner at one point in his life, gets tired of flies buzzing around hi or her ears all the time. This is when the need of getting fly screens installed is realized. When you are the kind of the person who likes to have natural cool breeze circulating through your home throughout the day, you are the type who keeps the doors and windows of the house open. The only drawback of this is, along with the cool soothing breeze come in a lot of flies and insects. That is why, most people get fly screens installed in their homes.

Fly Screens

Now, when you finally decide to choose a fly screen and install it, there are so many types to choose from that you are bound to be confused. You will be at your wit’s end trying to figure out which one is suitable for you.

The types are dly curtains, hook and loop,mesh, hinged, retractable, DIY, professional, etc. So, to help you out of your confusion and guide you towards picking the right one, we have done the complete footwork and came up with basic point that you need to consider and the factors you need to determine to pick the right type.

  • Costing and budget: This obviously is the top-most determining factor for your fly screens type. If you want a low cost solution that keeps bugs out of your homes, you can simply choose stick on meshes or hook and loop meshes. But all these products last for a short while and then they start to wear and tear. So, in case you are looking for something that lasts longer and is sturdy, you may want to consider increasing your budget. You can also consider DIY fly screens that save you the installation costs of a professional.
  • Amount of protection needed: If keeping out insects is your ultimate priority along with keeping out dirt and dust, you should consider retractable fly screens or a fixed fly screen. All these have a perfectly made frame to ensure that the mesh stays securely fitted onto the windows and there are stiff brushes to keep those in place for additional security. This ensures that insects do not sneak in from edges or loops, making your home completely free of bugs. When you need fly screens for doors too, you cannot used a fixed screen as it cannot be opened and closed.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Fly screens are very effective to keep out bugs from your home but when it comes to appearance, most of them fail in it. Fly curtains, stick-on and hoop and loop meshes are definitely not the ones you should choose if you want a good aesthetic appeal.When you  are looking for a bit camouflaged look, you can choose DIY fly screens as they are white in colour and may look a bit discreet on your windows and doors. For a perfect aesthetic appeal, your best choice is getting a professionally fitted and custom made fly screens. Professional fitters can provide you fly screens with colours that are in perfect combination of your house colour and theme.
  • Ease of handling: The question here is that whether you want your screens to be permanent and be always visible or you want them to be retracted when not needed. There are many removable fly screens available. You can also choose hoop and loop velcro mesh. There are also some low cost fly screens that you can install and remove and then again start installing it from the scratch the next year when you need them.

These factors are the base point that will help you narrow down on one type of fly screen.

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