Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10

23 September 2014

Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10

The list with the strangest hotels in the world is definitely a must see because here we hand picked some unusual resting location for you to enjoy.

If by now you were used to see the best locations of certain cities, or the best hotels from different countries, today we are talking about a group of hotels who strive to be original.

So from the creators of the Luxury Remote Retreats | Top 10 we bring you a list of hotels and hotel rooms who are built and designed to be different.

We are talking about a characteristic which will blow your mind and motivate you to try sometime one of these experiences.

They bring something new to the travel industry, the strangeness that sometimes is enough to bring in customers.

So from the building, the placement, the decor to the design, unique features or the way they do things, these hotels come out of the ordinary.

They give the guest more than a unique experience, but also a story to tell because as we will see in the following, these hotels have something to express.

Let’s see the strangest hotels in the world and what is different about them

10. Tianzi Hotel, Hebei Province, China

From the Hebei Province in China we bring you the first hotel who goes out of the ordinary and lives from the start a different impression.

The Tianzi Hotel is a strange location for some travelers because at first sight or from a distance you will think this building is a statue rather than a hotel.

Located in the Son of Heaven Garden, the Hotel captures the traveler’s eye by the fact that it pictures tree Chinese men who stand one beside the other.

They are the symbols of ancient gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity, Fu, Lu and Shou.

If you want to enter the 10 story hotel, the entrance is located in the first man’s shoe.

Another unusual fact is that the hotel has a weird positioned room.

One of the three men, the one on the left, Shou, is holding in his hand a peach, the fruit representing a fully livable room.

So guys if you are in China and near the Tianzi Hotel visit it or stay a night because you have the opportunity to be the first from your friend to rest in the world’s largest image hotel, named this way by Guinness World Records.

Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10
# 10 Tianzi Hotel, Hebei Province, China
Strangest Hotels In The World | Top 10
# 10 Tianzi Hotel, Hebei Province, China – The Shoe Entrance

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