10 Most Successful Gangsters Who Ever Lived

23 April 2015

Successful Gangsters Who Raised Millions

The life of crime comes with some risks and the fact that most of the people take them is due to the fact that history and modern society gave us a long list of successful gangsters who raised millions from the life of an outlaw.

So we created the list of the 10 most successful gangsters who ever lived, notorious individuals who turned to the wrong side of the law and made millions while at it.

These individuals created a reputation to be the best at what they do, while violating the law in so many ways.

Living in a dangerous and extravagant life, with rivals and the law always coming from behind, these successful gangsters eventually ended up to be caught, dead or in jail.

Let’s see who are the most successful gangsters of all time an how did they managed to build empires and raise millions.

10. Frank Lucas

The first entry in the list of the most successful gangsters of all time is the North Carolina native, Frank Lucas.

This particular character, gained a pretty impressive fortune from drug trafficking, benefiting from the post Vietnam urge for drugs.

Creating his own contacts in Vietnam and taking affairs only within the family and close friend, in a matter of time, George Lucas made a pretty massive drug empire that competed the streets of Harlem with other drug trafficking and of course the Italian mafia.

At the height of his operations, after connecting himself with the biggest warlord in Vietnam and trafficking heroin in coffins, he supposedly was making 1 million a day from his New York and New Jersey operations.

With a not so large net worth due to his extravagant lifestyle, he was eventually arrested and sentenced to a decade of prison, his $52 million disappearing in time.

#10 Frank Lucas | Succesful Gangsters | Image Source: biography.com
#10 Frank Lucas | Succesful Gangsters | Image Source: biography.com
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