Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

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Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

Wondering what are the Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014? That’s why we are here, to bring you the updates on the latest sun dresses trends of 2014.

With less than 2 months until summer officially starts, I say it’s time to hit the stores and go for a shopping spree to find that amazing summer dress that fits us just perfectly.

With fashion in constant change from one day to another, we have prepared the summer dresses trends 2014 that you need to follow to stay fashionable and stylish.

Prints, stripes, lace, pastels, the summer dresses are all about being innovative and colourful.

So let’s have a look at the top summer dresses trends 2014!

Colours | Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014


Pastels have been with us in spring as well, and they stay fashionable this summer also.

Pastels keep our outfits bright and fun this summer, highlighting that tanned skin we all want.

Pastel Pink

Do you want a romantic girly look? Then go for pastel pink! It’s classy, it’s chic, and it’s an easy colour to wear.

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014


If pink is too pink for you, then go for a minty dress. The colour is just perfect for a fun day out, or why not, for a romantic dinner on the beach.

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

Colour Block

We all know that colour blocking is a big trend, but this summer forget about the really powerful colours, and choose a pastel colour-blocked dress.

Whether you choose a beach dress, or a more classy outdoor look, colour blocking is a big summer dress trend in 2014!

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends 2014

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