Summer Fashion Trends 2013 | Women Style

28 May 2013

Summer Fashion Trends 2013 | Women Style

As the warm days have finally arrived, fashion is getting more cheerful and creative, especially when it comes to beach style. It’s almost summer, and you should be taking advantage of that. Go with a bright colour or a dress that will make you stand out in a crowd. Choose a dress that fits your style. Dresses are very light and it is extremely easy to slip on a summer dress.

bershka-fashion-spring-summer-2011-fashion-photo-shoot (4)Throwing a dress over a swimsuit is both convenient and stylish. If you don’t know what the hottest trends are for 2013 then you’re in the right place. Maybe you’ve noticed that the floral print dresses, swimsuits, shoes, and even sunglasses are everywhere. Any flower can be incorporated into great summer wear, but the most famous are the passionflowers, rosses and daisies.

Ok, so what else is hot this summer? 

Peplum keeps on appearing on dresses, blazers, tops, skirts and they make you look more feminine. peplum
Ruffles appear on the sleeves of blouses, on skirts and dresses giving more volume to the entire image.

Summer Fashion Trends 2013 - Ruffles

Retro style It generally implies a vintage of at least fifteen or twenty years. For example, clothing from the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s could be retro.

Oriental Prints seem not to want to go out of style.


Unexpected Cutouts are a spicy trend this summer. By the way, they can settle down on the chest, stomach, hips or the back.

Black and White No season can go without the combination of black and white.

black and white
Crop Tops and Bra Tops they invaded into fashion last year and became a super-hot trend.

bra tops
Mini Dresses – Can you imagine a summer without this trend? This trend is back to let you show off your beautiful legs.

mini dresses
Fashion Fringe Whether you like it or not, the fringe fashion trend still lurks.


Colourful Shirts they look so good if you wear black or leather leggings.shirts

Animal Prints are still on in the new season. But why they keep coming back? Because animal prints play off the idea of women being wild.animal print

Bejeweled Clothing is on the height of fashion this summer. Many clothing pieces come decorated with jewels, which make them ideal for special occasions.


Lace if you want a feminine, delicate and more romantic look this summer, then the lace is great for you.


Maxi Dresses – I love the look of maxi dresses with blazers. The maxi dress has become a summer staple.


Transparency Transparent dresses; skirts, blouses, tops, coats, capes, and even parts of footwear and bags are characteristic elements of the spring/ summer 2013 fashion.


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