15 Things You Didn’t Know About the Most Expensive City on Earth: Singapore

19 August 2016

15 Things You Need to Know About Singapore Before Visiting!

We simply had to create this 15 things you didn’t know about Singapore because, really, could we have shared all this luxurious information without mentioning the most expensive city on Earth?

Located just at the tip of Malaysia’s southern border lies Singapore. This small city’s population is rapidly rising, despite being considered one of the smallest countries in the world.

Just a century ago, the Lion City was economically deprived and architecturally bare, but that is certainly not the case anymore.

Because Alux.com is dedicated to becoming a world resource on the most expensive luxury things and places around the globe, let’s take a look at 15 things you’ve never known about Singapore.

1. Singapore has a Historical Legislature

15 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore - Govacation.se
The History of Singapore- Govacation.se

Did you know that Singapore is one of the last surviving city-states in the world? It is! A city-state is considered an exceptionally small country with only a single city residing within. Today, there are only a few of these political systems left in the world, so be sure to delve into some politics when you’re looking for things to do in Singapore!

2. Singapore loves Coca Cola, literally.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore - HugeMe Coke Machine
HugMe Coke Machine – YouTube.com

Did you know that Singapore’s national university is home to the first-ever “Hugme” Coke machine? These soda dispensers only carry Coke products, and require a hug from the user in order to dispense their drink. How cool is that?

3. Singapore opened the world’s first night zoo.

15 Things you Didn't Know about Singapore - Singapore Night Safari
Singapore Night Safari- Simplyairlines.com

If you’re looking for interesting things to do in Singapore, stop by the world’s first night-time zoo. Unlike regular zoos, the Singapore’s nighttime zoo allows people to see animals when they are generally more active- in the dark. This is perfect for people who want to see their favorite big cats and nocturnal animals in a way they’ve never seen before.

3. Singapore is also known as the Lion City

15 Thinkgs You Didn't Know About Singapore - Singapore Lion Statue
Singapore Lion Statue – thediplomat.com

Before the name of Singapore was ever conceived, a 1299 Indonesian King visited the island for a personal trip. During his stay, the king believed to have seen a lion in the city- although there are actually no lions anywhere near Singapore (well, except in the nightlife zoo), the king quickly named the land Singapura, a Sanskrit word for Lion City.

5. Luxury hotels in Singapore offer something for everyone.

15 Things you Didn't Know About Singapore - Ritz Carlton in Singapore
Ritz Carlton in Singapore – luxurylaunches.com

Do you feel like sunbathing in a tropical oasis, or would you prefer to spend your energy on an exceptionally long swim? Whichever you choose, the Sands SkyPark at the luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands is the place to be.

This outdoor rooftop hangout is packed with beach chairs and plenty of sunlight, but that’s not the real reason tourists flock to this awesome location. Big enough to fit four and a half A380 jumbo jets, the SkyPark is larger than the Eiffel tower, and features an enormous rooftop swimming pool with a view that you’ll never forget.

6. Singapore tourism opportunities are also outside the city.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore - Singapore Gardens
Singapore Gardens – www.travelocafe.com

With so much going on in the busy streets of Singapore, it’s only natural to put the landscape outside city-limits to the back of your mind.

Arguably one of the most interesting things about Singapore is the fact that Bukit Timah Hill (a nature reserve just outside the bustling town) contains more species of trees and plant life than the United States and Canada combined.

7. Singapore owns  Dozens of Islands

Singapore Islands - Map of Singapore Islands
Map of Singapore Islands – en.wikipedia.org

 Although Singapore is considered a city-state, the country still owns the land rights to 63 nearby islands. Many of these little land masses are uninhabited and used for military purposes, but you can visit these tourist-friendly islands if you feel like doing some exploring.

8.  Singapore’s World-Famous Rooftop Bars

marina bay sands 15 things you didn't know about SIngapore

If there’s one thing we know about Singapore, it’s that they love promoting tourism with nightlife. Although the Marina Bay Sands is considered one of the most popular luxury hotels in Singapore, there are thankfully countless others that offer interesting activities that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

1-Altitude, for example, is a branch of One Raffles Place, and hosts the largest rooftop bar in the world.

9. Singapore has Hot, Hot Heat

15 Things you Didn't Know About Singapore - Singapore Beaches
Singapore Beaches – dafansu.blogspot.com

Pack your shorts and tank tops! One of the top reasons driving factors for Singapore tourism is the incredibly warm weather, blue skies, and tropical atmosphere. If you’re wondering just how hot you should expect your Singapore getaway to be, keep in mind that the lowest temperature ever recorded in the country was 68?F.

10. Singapore is Known for Luxury Homes in Unexpected Places

singapore luxury homes

One of the most surprising tings about Singapore is the fact that 85% of its population live in public housing developments, and that 95% of those individuals actually own their own units.

Why is this so shocking? Instead of public housing being considered a sign of poverty, it is actually one of the tell-tale signs of financial success.

In fact, a number of the public housing flats in Singapore are actually considered luxury homes, and can sell for over $1 million USD!

11. Singapore Grows Collections of Tropical Flowers

singapore plants facts
Singapore is a very green city! Image source: cnn.com

Flower fanatics around the world would definitely enjoy the world’s largest tropical orchid garden. Orchids are considered to be one of the most expensive flowers in the world, and are definitely one of the hardest to grow successfully.

Singapore’s Botanic Gardens receive 4.4 million people every year, many of which come to see the unique orchid collection; there’s even a VIP orchid plant that is named after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

If you think that’s interesting, here’s more information about the world’s most expensive flowers.

12.  Singapore Created the Largest Indoor Waterfall

15 Things you Didn't Know About Singapore - Largest Indoor Waterfall
Largest Indoor Waterfall – www.dailymail.co.uk

Near Singapore’s botanical gardens is the world’s largest indoor waterfall, which is located inside Gardens by the Bay.

Considered the #1 destination in Singapore, and one the world’s most checked-in place (according to Facebook), this falling tower of water will awe even the most experienced architect.

13. In Singapore, Time is Relative

singapore clock

Over the years, Singapore has had difficulty figuring out where it belongs in the global time zone. In fact, since 1905, the city-state has changed their official time zone six different times!

It’s most recent switch in 1982 allowed Singapore to sync with its neighbor, Malaysia, and we can only hope they stay satisfied.

14. Sinapore is known for Low Drug and Alcohol Dependence

singapore sky bar

With so many people jammed into such a small area, it may seem intuitive to believe that Singapore’s drug abuse rate would spike dramatically.

Quite the contrary, however, Singapore actually has the 9th lowest drug rate in the world.

14. Singapore has The World’s Most Sleep-Friendly Airport

15 Things you Didn't Know About Singapore - Sleep Lounge Singapore Airport
Sleep Lounge Singapore Airport – minoritynomad.com

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience all the different things to do in Singapore, then catch a restful nap as you wait for your plane to depart?

You can! Singapore’s Changi International Airport is considered the world’s best airport to get some sleep; between the paid and free sleeping lounges, you can get some rest in a comfy couch or personal sleep pod, depending on your preference.

If you’re interested in learning even more amazing facts about Singapore, we made this incredible video which we’re sure you will enjoy!

There is no doubt that Singapore offers some of the most exciting luxury hotels and tourism experiences in the world.

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