15 Things That Are Simultaneously Getting Worse & More Expensive

23 February 2021

Isn’t It Annoying When the Quality of a Product Declines With the Hike in Its Price? Let’s Talk About Some of These Products.

Spend more, get less – coming to all stores and services near you. Behold, the expensive things that suck!

Dubbed Shrinkflation or shrinketing when it comes to physical products and shirking and shifting when it comes to services.

Let’s scrape the surface with 15 Things That Are Simultaneously Getting Worse & More Expensive!  

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Chips, Candy and Chocolate

Aluxers, you’ll be fed the story that retailers are doing you a favour by reducing the size of all our favourite munchies, but as we both know, that’s not the way it works. So, instead of eating half a slab of chocolate, we now finish the whole dam* thing, and buy a new slab sooner than usual.

Crisp packets are filled with more air than is necessary and the grammage of candy has steadily decreased and we’re powerless… because we need our candy.

Concrete examples are:

  •         Nestle’s After Eight Mint Chocolate Things went from 200g to 170g… and no reduction in price.
  •         Cadbury’s Crunchies used to be sold in packs of 4, now it’s 3.
  •         Kraft’s Toblerone bar went from 200g to 170g.
  •         And we’re not even sure we want to open the can of worms that is Quality Street… definitely not the same quality or quantity anymore, and they’re very tight when it comes to sufficient green triangles, aren’t they?

Going to the Movies

Morgan Cutolo wrote an article for Readers Digest titled, “The Real Reason Movie Tickets Have Gotten So Expensive.” There he states the average price of a movie ticket is $9 – some areas are lower at around $8, while others can reach as high as $16 a ticket!

Is the bank draining experience justifiable of the huge price tag? Many believe not. It’s tough on cinemas to make a profit with so many streaming services available, but let’s be real, they were expensive prior to things like Hulu or Netflix.

We won’t even go into the confectionary sales here, but suffice to say, a trip to the movies is going to dent your bank balance, and there is little guarantee you’ll leave there feeling enriched by the experience.

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A Reddit thread went viral when a similar question was put forward, and several Redditors cited tuition as getting progressively worse and more expensive.

We’ve covered this topic many times, and in our video 15 Ways To Get Educated Faster and Cheaper, we provide a wealth of information on how to avoid having to spend a sh*t ton of money on getting educated.

Like one contributor put it, “College tuition. When I hear college used to be paid with a summer job, my eyes get watery. I’m a college student.”

And Forbes.com cements this thought by adding that over the last 20-years, “Tuition inflation has risen at a faster rate than the cost of medical services, childcare, and housing.” We still believe that getting a college degree is our ticket to the future, but it’s not. So, be sure to watch the video we just mentioned, and save yourself a ton of green.



Aluxers, don’t you find that clothing just doesn’t stand the test of time? And by time, we’re not meaning years and years, we’re meaning mere months. The clothing fades, runs, stretches, and the stitching falls apart.

Cost cutting is so problematic that the quality has decreased dramatically. The New York Times published an article exploring why, and along with a panel of experts deduced the following:

          “A lack of inspection at every stage of production.”

          “The dwindling supply of skilled labor.”

          “A lack of pride on all sides of the industry.”

          “The built?in obsolescence of women’s styles, done deliberately to encourage business, and concurred by the majority of women.”

Despite the terrible quality of clothing available, the prices continue to climb, and we continue to pay.                                                                                                  


Photo Booths

Say Cheese, now give us all your money…

The photobooth has been around since 1925, when it was patented as the photomaton by Anatol Josepho. It could develop 8 photos within 8 minutes.

Like a lot of technology, when it’s initially released, the price is pretty high. Over time, the price reduces… except it seems for photobooths.

A few Redditors highlighted their disappointment at the click and smile facility, where you used to pay $1 for 4 different images, but now it’s $7 for 4 poor quality identical prints.

And Aluxers, have you ever tried to book a photobooth for a wedding? Some companies like to increase the prices of their services when they hear the money word, “wedding.”

Be sure you don’t fall into the trap and watch our video:


Health Insurance

Aluxers, this is a question we’ve asked more than once… why the he*k is health insurance so freaking expensive? And when you need it most, doesn’t exactly pull through for you as it should. And we all have our own horror stories to share about our experiences with health insurance companies, and suffice to say, some are literally missing limbs from the experience.

Investopaedia cited several reasons behind the expense:

          Administrative waste. Providers must hire administrative help at a huge cost.

          US citizens pay up to 4 times more for pharmaceutical drugs compared to other countries.

          Doctors, nurses and hospitals charge more and pay higher insurance premiums.

          In the US, prices for drugs are largely controlled by market forces.

A scary price comparison brought forward was the average cost of a hospital birth in the US compared to the Netherlands… $11,170 compared to roughly $4,500!


Bathroom and Kitchen Products

When it comes to shrinkflation, our bathrooms are teeming with examples. Dial soap changed the shape of their soaps, with a concave curve at the bottom, so now its smaller – yet the price is the same or more, depending on where you get yours.

The size of a block of toilet paper is smaller.

Even money.usnews.com calls it, “shrink it and pink it” when it comes to the smaller quantity and higher cost of feminine products.

Surf Tropical Lily and Ylang Ylang washing powder gets you 23 loads of washing opposed to the original 25.

It’s often a gradual change that consumers are not aware of, and we’re shell-shocked when it’s pointed out to us.



Aluxers, buying a house is near impossible these days. Even on 2 salaries and parentals offering a helping hand, it’s a push.

Houses are being vomited out quickly, cheaply and poorly. It feels like no one gives a sh*t about the longevity of them, as long as builders and contractors make their money, all is cool.

But then buyers are stuck with the problems that conveniently crop up later where there is no room for recourse.  

In some areas, houses are so bad that banks refuse to finance them.

We understand that there is a plethora of reasons why housing is expensive and unattainable for many, but for the purpose of this article, we are just highlighting the poor quality of them.


Take Out

Stealthy downsizing is happening to your favourite takeout food. One McDonald’s fan pointed out that the patties on a Big Mac will soon just be a thin slice of roast beef.

And he wasn’t wrong because globaltimes.cn reported that, “Over 50 percent of Chinese consumers think that the food, particularly hamburgers, sold by American fast-food restaurant chains McDonald’s and KFC, have become less in volume, based on a survey conducted by the Southern Metropolis Daily.”

A similar situation arose in the UK when customers pointed out the teeny size of the cheeseburgers – the size likened to a thumb!

McDonalds in Birmingham responded with the following, “The overall weight of our burgers remains unchanged… The new bun is the same weight, with slightly different proportions.”

Aluxers, are we just getting bigger?


Disney Theme Parks

If it’s got a Disney logo, be prepared to shell out. Disney theme parks are notorious for raising their prices.  Wall Street Journal says that Disney’s increase is roughly double inflation.  

In California, on a high demand day, expect to pay over $200 for a ticket!

And while it is possible to budget for a day or two there, when we consider meals, gas and accommodation – there are also many unexpected expenses.

Parking, tipping and the souvenirs you swore you were not going to buy – are all added expenses.

A February 2021 review on tripadvisor gave the park a 1-star rating and said the following,” Would give zero stars if I could. Everyone in the park was miserable (customers and employees). The lines are RIDICULOUS and hard to figure out. Went to two different parks on two different days and experienced the same thing. Not worth the money or frustration! Would not recommend to anyone.”

Doesn’t sound like the most magical place on earth anymore, does it?

But still, if you’d like to know more about the world of Disney, check out 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney.


Childcare and Schooling

If you’re a parent, you know how expensive it is to raise a kid. And the costs keep rising – especially when it comes to childcare and schooling.

Often childcare is so unaffordable that one parent stays home to look after a child because the salary earned doesn’t justify the amount spent on childcare costs.

And ironically, despite being so expensive, child-care providers are not exactly rolling in money – in fact they’re some of the lowest paid positions out there.

It’s a labour-intensive industry and you need a lot of hands to ensure each child is looked after. Many parents feel that they don’t always get value for money, and it’s fine line because parents wanting the best for their children, but not wanting to be ripped off at the same time.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this later.  


Yankee Candles

Remember the days when owning one of these candles signified so much. You’re an adult, financially stable and in control of your emotions… or was that just me?

Anyway, we digress… Yankee candles have lost some steam. Once considered a premium candle now has articles written titled, “why Yankee candles suck.” On candlereview.com, one dissatisfied user said, “I can only speculate but it feels like today Yankee Candle spends more time designing their labels for their candles than actually doing quality assurance testing on their products.”

And she’s not the first. People are counting them as the expensive things they don’t want and also about a certain inferior smell attached with it.

If they don’t improve the quality soon, the business could go up in smoke.



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream.

And Aluxers, you’ll be screaming when you hear how ice-cream manufactures have constantly been decreasing the portion size and making these scoops the expensive things you don’t want. Meep.

BBC.com reported that ice-cream containers in the US were originally sold in half gallon or 64oz tubs but have steadily decreased to 56oz and now 48 ounces. Häagen-Dazs shrunk the size of their family-sized tubs by 8%, and we can assure you, their price did not drop by 8%.

Like the late American economist, Milton Friedman once said, “Inflation is taxation without legislation.”


Cable Telly

So, why does cable television cost an arm and a leg, and it seems with every passing month we’re getting less and less… or should we rather say more and more… adverts that is!

XFINITY from Comcast has roughly 112 million subscribers. For the fiscal year 2017, Wiki says that Comcast reported earnings of $22.7 billion with revenue of $84.5 billion.

We understand there are insane costs involved in terms of infrastructure, cost of content, and so on – but does it justify the huge premiums consumers are paying?

Most consumers say No with their lips but say yes with their monthly debit order.


Municipal Services

Aluxers, it’s not only tangible expensive things that are getting worse yet costing more – we can suggest several industries that fall under the same umbrella.

Municipalities will also make subtle changes that will line pockets over time and many consumers don’t even realize it. A few cents is neither here nor there, but if every person pays a few cents more, than it’s definitely here and there.

Other changes like lowering the amount of trash you’re allowed to leave out each week or being charged more for switching to solar because you’re no longer buying electricity from the municipality, leaving a deficit in their budget.

As the late American cartoonist, Kin Hubbard once said, “nothing is as irritating as the fellow who chats pleasantly while he overcharges you.”


Aluxers, where else have you experienced shrinkflation? We’d love to hear from you!