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What I think about the Best Dress of Oscars 2016

Oscars. The ultimate award for film industry has finally arrived! The 88th Academy Award received critics in terms of diversity since there is no African-American nominee this year. Regardless, the event was hosted by an African-American, Chris Rock, who unfortunately didn’t make it to this best dress of Oscars list.

For some people, winning the Oscars is as important as showing up with the best dress! Well, at least you don’t end up at the top of the worst dress list. We’re not going to talk about the worst dress, those girls have suffered enough. Instead, we will talk about the best dress of Oscars 2016!

Last Oscars gave us a lot of drama besides the hundred thousands dollars worth of dress and million dollars worth of jewelry. My favorite moment was when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first ever Oscars! Enough with DiCaprio, now let’s count down my top 10 best dress of Oscars 2016 list!

10. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

10. jennifer lawrence
Source: elropero.com

Although it was fashionably late, Jennifer Lawrence arrived in style. She was wearing a Dior Haute Couture dress and Chopard jewels. Originally, this dress was a cocktail dress with see-through top. She had it custom made with Dior to make it longer for the Oscars event.

She looked elegant but remained young in this dress. Her hair and make up was fresh. The only thing lacking was the jewelry it self. Her necklace was too simple and light for the event. Plus, her dress sort of said, “I don’t think I will win tonight, but I’m going to party anyway.” However, she made it to the top 10 list!

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