Ten Most Luxurious Buses In The World Made For The Rich

23 June 2016

Here are the top 10 luxury buses in the world made only for the rich.

Luxury travelling is an art for the rich. From luxury cars to luxury yatchs, the rich never compromises in travelling in style. However, a giant leap in the world of travel was envisioned with the development of luxury buses. Luxury tour buses or motor-homes are a great way to live the life of a traveller. They are designed to have their own bathroom, kitchen and every other amenity that one enjoys at home. These sleek and stylish luxury buses add a definition of class and posh to the journey.

If you thought that a space to lie down and have some leg room was not enough, you must totally check out these cool luxury buses that not only promise ultimate travel comfort but utmost satisfaction too. Their drool-worthy design with high-tech setups, make them a grand purchase. The enviable features of these pristine machines raise them to the level of high-class travel similar to limousine and yachts. So, next time you travel with opulence, make sure you have one of these as your partner on road.

Here are some extravagant luxury buses that make into the list of most enviable grown up toys.

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | The EleMMent Palazzo
The EleMMent Palazzo | via foxnews.com

Worth of about $3,000,000, this vehicle is a dream! It looks like some futuristic vehicle from Hollywood movie and is the most expensive luxury bus in the world. It unites the features of motor, aviation and yacht. The interior is that of a luxurious home with wooden floor and marble countertop. The vehicle has an upper deck lead by staircase. It is very popular among oil rich Arab Sheikhs.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | The Vantare Platinum Plus by Featherlite Luxury Coaches
The Vantare Platinum Plus by Featherlite Luxury Coaches | via worldinsidepictures.com

Worth of about $2,500,000, this is one of the most gorgeous motor coaches ever built. It’s posh- interior with pearlized Italian leather, marble steps, Swarovski crystals, antique bronze and many other ridiculously expensive designer stuff makes it a mansion on wheels. It has a master bedroom with king sized bed, plasma TV and tread mill. It features the outstanding Avic N-2 GPS system.  Realtime traffic and weather alert notifications were never this brilliant. It also has an inbuilt garage that can slide out and fit a sports car. A car in a bus! Can you imagine of something grander?

3. Prevost H3-45 VIP:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | The Prevost H3-45 VIP
The Prevost H3-45 VIP | via prevostspotlight.com

This giant costs about $1,600,000 and belongs to the H-line of luxury RV makers at Prevost. It is excellent, sleek and modern, having the highest cabin height of 12 ft 5 inches. It provides great panoramic view to both the driver and the passengers. Made up of precision moulded fibre, the shell is light weight yet very strong and the interiors feature several contemporary designs with modern sofa, wooden floor, kitchen, marble tables, etc.

4. Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Inside the Foretravel IH-45
Inside the Foretravel IH-45 | via worldinsidepictures.com

This newly launched beast has a price tag of $1,300,300. Its striking features include its 20,000 kilowatt generator and the four roof A/C units. The Foretravel IH-45 is perhaps the best in terms of both functionality and quality. This luxury home has all the other features of similar tour buses along with having a very well designed floor, decorated walls, etc. It is specially designed for ultimate noise reduction. Foretravel has used its extensive experience in the field of motors for making this perfect vehicle on road.

5. Country Coach Prevost:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | The 2014 Country Coach Prevost
The 2014 Country Coach Prevost | via jellyshare.com

With a worth of about $1,000,000, this luxurious RV has a sleek stainless steel cover. It is meant for travelling between cities and towns. Although not suitable for undulating terrain or adventurous travel, the Country Coach Prevost has a wonderful aerodynamic profile. This elegant machine has porcelain tiled floors and cedar wood lined cabinets. There is a master bedroom lined with quartz and also provided with a walk-in closet. There are separate bathrooms for travelling convenience.

6. Newmar King Aire:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World
Inside the Newmar King Aire | via northtrailrv.com

The Newmar King Aire is truly one of the best luxury buses that can rule the road like a king. It is a class A motor coach and is powered by a 600HP Cummins ISX turbo diesel engine. There is drive steering system with power control. Great navigation system helps steer the vehicle through adverse weather. It also features a spacious kitchen with hardwood cabinet, a residential spcae comprising of two villa sofas, a dinette ensemble, washer, dryer, etc. The floor are made of porcelain and the interior is beautifully adorned with LED. It has a master bedroom and a walk-in bathroom attached to it.

7. Monaco Dynasty 45P:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | via The 2015 Monaco Dynasty 45P
The 2015 Monaco Dynasty 45P | via carsranking.com

The Dynasty 45P costs about $585,750. It is the most prestigious creation on Monaco which is the leader in the luxurious RV industry. It has a 600HP Cummins engine and can be customised as per the need of its owner. The floor is of porcelain tile and the ceiling is beautifully decorated by LED. The TV runs on central command. The king size bedroom has cedar cabinets, walls and wardrobes. Luxury buses were never this beautiful!

8. UNICAT Amerigo International:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Inside and Outside the UNICAT Amerigo International
Inside and Outside the UNICAT Amerigo International | via buzznfun.com

Priced ar $500,000, the UNICAT Amerigo International is a exploration vehicle with an absolute deception in its exterior look. It sort of looks like a garbage truck but the interior is marvellous. Its modern approach has made it derive power from solar panels but it also has a 2,000 mile gas tank. The interior has a kitchen, master suite and desk space. One of its exceptional features is, it has a watermaker that decontaminates water to make it drinkable in case such a situation arises.

9. Country Coach Magna 630:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | The Magna 630 interiors
The Magna 630 interiors | via wowamazing.com

The Country Coach Magna 630 costs $495,000. It is a 40’s bus converted to a luxury motor home. It is alo powered by 600HP Cummins engine and is suitable for mountain terrain owing to its power tilt and telescope wheels. The bus excels others in its category in terms of aristocracy preferred over modern tech. The interiors have a queen-sized bed, elegant chairs, etc. The one thing that makes Magna an advanced luxury bus is its keyless touch-pad entry.

10. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ:

Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | Top 10 Luxury Buses In The World | The Entegra Cornerstone 45DLQ
The Entegra Cornerstone 45DLQ | via jellyshare.com

This on-road beauty is priced $464,000 and is designed elegantly with a master suite and walk-in closet. It is one of the most spacious luxury buses having several elements to boast opulence. The Cornerstone 45DLQ has quartz countertops and also has a well sound system. The cab-forward design and eight way power seats make it an exquisite machine not only for travel but for travelling in utmost luxury.

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