15 Top Companies that Control Everything You Consume

28 December 2016

Are these top companies really responsible for everything you consume? Let’s find out!

These world’s top companies make the most amount of money in food and beverage business. We are what they call market. We are the target of their sales. And we have fallen to every single trap they set to get us buying more and more of their products.

Have you ever wondered why you crave for that one cheeseburger? Why does it have to be that one? Whether it is because of the taste or simply good marketing strategy, as long as you keep eating it, they are happy.

Some of these companies have thousands of brands. And some others only have a few. Regardless, they are generating the highest sales revenue locally and internationally. We ranked them based on the sales revenue. But we also take their brands’ quality and quantity as consideration.

So, check your kitchen, see inside your fridge. And you will probably see at least one product from these top companies on every corner of your house. Whether you like it or not, they are controlling everything we consume.

15. Kellogg (Sales Revenue: $13.5 billion)

15 Top Companies that Control Everything You Consume | #15. Kellogg (Sales Revenue: $13.5 billion)
15 Top Companies that Control Everything You Consume | #15. Kellogg (Sales Revenue: $13.5 billion) | source: foxnews.com

I’ve got a confession to make: I have at least two Kellogg’s cereal boxes in my place. One is never enough, right? You gotta mix things up. And two is good for variation.

Or perhaps not.

But somehow, many people in the world are doing the same thing as I am. And maybe even worse. Kellogg’s horde of cereal products has conquered all kinds of households worldwide, especially in United States.

Besides cereal products, Kellogg also owns other bestselling products, like Pringles and Pop-Tarts. There are at least 24 top brands owned by Kellogg. They vary from cookies, crackers, pastries, and others. From marketing all of these products, Kellogg is making $13.5 billion a year.

Founded more than a century ago in 1906, Kellogg is the world’s 61st most valuable brand today. Its market cap reaches $26.5 million. And to date, this company controls what you put on the table for your family’s breakfast.

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