Top Ten Most Expensive Bottled Water

5 June 2014

Top Ten Most Expensive Bottled Water

We all know that water is an essential life source and is good for us. There are some very good reason to drink lots of water because water can help us with weight loss, heart healthy, energy, headache cure, digestive problems, cleansing, cancer risk and for better exercise.

So now that you know all this information, why not carry a bottle of water with you? You should make drinking water a daily habit. The question is: How much are you willing to pay for a bottle of water?

Not more than £10, right? Even that sounds expensive for a bottle of water. Do you want to find out what’s the most expensive bottled water?

Here is a list of top ten most expensive bottled waters:

10. Fine – $5 per 750 ml

Fine water is new Japanese luxury water and has arrived in a beautiful, sleek-elegant designer frosted bottle.

The source of this bottled water is the spring located 600 meters below the mountain belt.

Fine water bottled is over a thousand years old!

The water illustrates the purity and style.

Most expensive bottled water in the world top 10 with prices luxury gourmet table water bottle

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