Why Freedom to Travel is the New Measurement For Success!

6 April 2015

How Money in the Bank No Longer Equals Success but Travel Does!

Everybody wants to be happy and everybody wants to be successful! That is a fact, so in time they have all been searching for a way to keep track on how far they have become!

For a large period of time the measurement for success has been the amount of money one has quick access to and it made a lot of sense. Having cash at your disposal and being covered in case of any emergency is a great position to find yourself it.

Not only money to some degree equals freedom but in modern times it has become a guarantee for security and even health.

But there’s a catch to currency that most might not realize until it is too late: “Working your way out of working!” – does not work!

This is one of the biggest traps in the world, most work themselves out with the dream that some day, when work is done, they will be free to enjoy themselves because they have earned it. The thing is that “some day” is not one of the weekdays and it is unlikely it will ever be.

By no way are we trying to diminish the importance of being financially successful, but we are adding to that an important element that if neglected, being successful from a financial perspective will not be as amazing as you’ve always dreamt off.

Freedom to Travel is the New Measurement For Success because Money in the bank will not make you happy, but Travel might!

Every single day is part of your journey and non of the ones that pass can be purchased back, happily for you there are few who have figured this out and thanks to the modern business environment along with the internet the game is now beatable.

The new goal is earning both your financial and spiritual freedom!

Studies prove that most people would gladly prefer to earn less but get to travel and experience the world since most of us have always wanted to.

The New Wealthy have uncovered a new type of currency that trumps anything else: memories. They transcend today, can be passed on through storytelling which actively brings people even closer and if done right it is unlikely you will lose them until you die.

Once can be rich from a financial perspective but unless you have an emotional connection with your stacks that is not enough.

The new successful individuals have figured out how to stabilize – or even increase their income – while being free to grow themselves as a spiritual being and share the journey with those who they care about most.

At the end of your days the two biggest regrets people have are:

1. Not spending enough time with your loved ones.
2. Not traveling enough.

A great resource and a strong starting point in your journey can be The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, a book by Tim Ferris that walks you through the entire process of gaining location independence without negatively impacting your financials.

The second best thing is to discover Airbnb.com, an amazing digital resource through which you can rent your own place in order to fund your travels and find great hosts which will provide you with local knowledge of all the dream destinations you’ve always wanted to experience.

This article is meant to serve as a starting point for you to consider what life would look like if you were truly free to follow your heart.

The new wealth measures their level of success in the number of experiences that brought them to this point in time, the selection of lessons that built up to a well rounded, highly educated individual. There is no university that can teach you what travel will, there is no firm that will pay you what travel pays.

By now I bet you’re already thinking of destinations, maybe a few friends who’d be happy to share the journey with you and our goal is not to make you choose between money and travel, because discovering the world will require at least some amount of income, it is to consider that the two are not mutually exclusive and you can truly have them both.

money is no longer the measurement of success Why Freedom to Travel is the New Measurement For Success!
Patagonia Surf Ambassador Keith Malloy

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Where would you go if money wasn’t the issue and who would you take with you?