Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

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Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

Space is – as Star Trek put it – the “final frontier”. And until mankind finally conquers space, the Moon might just be the ultimate travel destination!

How would you like to stand with your feet on a Moon crater and look up to see your home planet above you, shinning like a bright blue marble in the vastness of space? You would be the first to step on the moon since Apollo 17 way back in 1972, and you will definitely have amazing view, if you can afford the asking price.

This latest ultimate travel destination could hit the market as early as 2015, and the UK-based Golden Spike Company announced it’s ready to sell tickets to this historic journey to the moon at around $1.5 billion for a two person mission. Thus far, space travel has been confined to Earth’s orbit, with the Space Adventures  company being the one responsible for the 7 wealthy space tourists successfully making the journey.

Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

Although technology has made space travel safer than it was in the 1970’s, space still remains an inherently dangerous environment to put yourself in. But we hear that the view is worth the threat of cosmic radiation, extreme temperatures, micrometeorites, possible engineering mistakes, or any unplanned and potentially life threatening situations that you may encounter along the way.

Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

But just in case this ultimate travel destination is on your bucket list, Ealuxe has prepared for you an itinerary for this lunar adventure:

To See:

  • The Earth’s view from space (rumored to be incomparable) – viewed from only one side of the Moon
  • Sunrises and sunsets, which take on a greater intensity and speed from the Moon’s surface
  • Dark Side of the Moon. Visit the part of the moon that is not visible from the Earth (also available on Earth in most good music shops).

Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

  • Luna 2 (exact location unknown) – the first man made object to reach the Moon
  • Tranquility Base – the site of the first human landing on the Moon


To Do:

  • Freefall (often inaccurately called “zero gravity”) and space acrobatics – if you won’t float around in space, even a little – this whole trip would be just a great waste of your hard-earned cash.
  • Take pictures – what else are you going to do all day? Remember to take extra memory cards with you!
  • Extravehicular activity (EVA) – better known as spacewalking. Could be done via party moves (they don’t call it moon-walking for nothing), but this option requires extra training and additional fitness qualifications.

Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

  • Rock collecting – by far the most obvious hobby to have on the Moon, also easy to do since the Moon is one giant rock.
  • Get some space junks – there are a total of approximately 180 tons of space junk just waiting to be salvaged, that were intentionally crashed on the Moon by some space agencies. They could make up a very cool garage sale!
  • Bring your own martini – there is nothing to drink on the Moon, unless you feel like exploring craters on your day off. Bring your drink of choice with you and enjoy it alongside an amazing view.
  • Stay safe – due to the fact that there are no other humans on the moon, it’s safe to assume that there is also no crime problem. However, the universe is out to get you with weapons such as solar storms, meteor impacts and explosive decompression. Also, the lack of a breathable atmosphere and freezing temperatures might be quite bothersome.
  • Stay healthy – without trying to state the obvious, there are NO hospitals or emergency medical facilities on the Moon. So watch your step.

Travel to the Moon | Ultimate Travel Destination

Needless to say, this itinerary for the ultimate travel destination comes with a high price tag. But if money wasn’t an issue – would you take the plunge?

Let us know in the comment section below! We hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned for other Ealuxe travel destinations.

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