Top Countries You Need to Visit before You Die

21 June 2016

You should not call yourself a travel junkie if you have not visited these top countries.

The world has so many exotic places, yet we have so limited time. Each of them has their own uniqueness which can never be found somewhere else. These top countries have it as well.

It should not be about the pride of “I was there” selfie. But it is about embracing the unforgettable moment on the other part of the world.

Here, we have 15 top countries you should visit while you are still up and running. There may be better places to go to for the same reasons. But it will be a traveler’s sin not to step on these remarkable places.

So, get ready to make some major changes on your bucket list. Let’s take the amazing trip around the world!

15. Indonesia

Top Countries You Need to Visit before You Die | Indonesia
Top Countries You Need to Visit before You Die | #15 Indonesia | source: mptravel.com.my

If you have a limited amount of time but you want to have different types of experience, Indonesia is your answer. From beautiful deep blue oceans, smooth-sailing tidal waves to surf, exotic historical culture, to challenging mountain hike, this country has it all.

Alongside the Amazon rain forest, Indonesia is the lung of the world. The range variety of its natural beauty is mesmerizing.

Each island in this country offers its own scenery, culinary, and culture. Forget speaking English or even Indonesian language. Indonesia has hundreds of regional languages. There are 748 to be exact. And they sound nothing like the native language itself.

Each region has its own tradition. The majority of Indonesians like to share their cultural tradition with foreigners. So, you are welcome to get involved!

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