15 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life Away (and How to Fix Them)

7 February 2021

Life Is Short and Before You Know It You’re Breathing Your Last. If You Don’t Want to Waste It, You’ve Come to the Right Place.

This is the wake-up call you’ve been waiting for. If in the last 3 Sundays we gave you specific actionable insights into how to improve your situation, this one is to shake you by showing you the things you’re doing to waste time which is never coming back.

It’s a check-list for you to benchmark against and see how you’re doing. So every intelligent individual should be able to correctly asses their reality at any point and we’ll be doing it together today.

By the end of this, you should either realise that either you’re doing really well, or your life hasn’t yet started!

As usual, here is the video version of this article:

Here are 15 Signs you’re wasting your life away – and how to fix them.


Nothing Seems Fun Anymore

Life is exciting, it’s fun, it’s colourful. At the same time it can be boring, predictable and colorless. 

Your goal is to spend more time on the side that gets your blood flowing than in the other. As a matter of fact, the only reason one spends time in the boring side is to allow themselves to spend more time in the fun and colorful side. 

The problem is, in this process, people get trapped on the side they don’t want to be on and the biggest indicator is when you’ve got nothing exciting lined up or you can’t remember the last time you had fun.

You go through life all serious trying to play the game only to realise at the end you were so busy buried in the rule book that you forgot to enjoy the game while playing!

Fun happens when you go into unknown situations. We always say you have to risk the bad meal to find the amazing one. You have to risk the failed relationship to be ready to the great one. 

If all you do is settle for microwaved food, for the work relationships, for the entertainment on Netflix.. How is this you LIVING? You’re not… you’re just surviving and going through the motions of what being alive is.


You Feel Trapped or Lost

Do you have this feeling inside of you of wanting to break free and? To do the things you REALLY want to do? Or even worse.. Have no idea why you are where you are or no idea how you waste time?

You’re in the Limbo of your existence. You’re not moving forward, you’re just stuck.

On top of this vague feeling of being trapped: You find yourself complaining a lot.

You have a lot of negative self-talk.

Everything around you doesn’t feel right does it?

You feel like you should be doing more and maybe keep up with the wave.

You feel like you’re lagging behind. 

Everyone you know is blossoming, getting married and having kids.

But here’s the thing and we want you to repeat this to you until it becomes a part of who you are:

Not every popcorn kernel pops at the same time!

Your time isn’t here yet, you are not ready to pop just yet. Figure yourself out first, escape the cage and everything will fall into place.


You Always Feel Tired

If you’re so smart why are you always tired? Why is your body stressed and feels weak? And why waste time?

Why have you gained and lost the same ten pounds twenty times in the last five years?

What is the point of being stuck in a cycle that always leads you in the same place you started?

Truth be told, at this point you’ve given up and wear legging or sweatpants everywhere you go. Don’t you?

Yes we know… we know… you know the recipe, we know you know you should adjust your sleep schedule, to stop drinking the beer, the hard alcohol and the redbulls.. You tell yourself it’s all part of the process.. That somehow the drugs alter your vibe, but just how much did you really get done?

Stop romanticising the things that factually make your life feel like shit. 

You know what makes the feeling stop for good? Actually dealing with your shit. All this escape from it for 30 minutes at a time is making you miserable and the worst part is that you already know all of this.. We’ll dive deeper into this at number 6


You Don’t Have a Purpose, You Just.. Are

You feel uninspired.

Not that you should sell all your possessions and build wells in Africa.. But why are you here? What are you even doing? None of us is here to waste time, that’s for sure.

So, you’re already alive and settled into this life… now, why don’t we do something with it. Something that makes you feel like you matter, but matter for yourself not for other. 

What makes you feel like you’re doing great? Do that!

Everyone wants to cure the world but they don’t know they should start with curing themselves. 

Find something that makes you proud of doing. Get really good at it and then show the world what you can do if you really put your mind and effort to it!


You Had the Same New Year Resolutions 5 Years in a Row and Still Nothing

Yes, new year resolutions are bullshit. People highly overestimate how much they can get done in a year, but massively underestimate how much they can get done in 5 to 10 years.

This happens because they’re stuck in the same new years resolution cycle.

We’ve been hearing ‘bout your plans but we’ve never seen a visual!

Somehow it’s never you why you were unable to achieve them right?

When asked about them, you often find yourself complaining, blaming or making excuses.

Looking back, don’t you ever wonder why you’ve never hit any of those new year resolutions? Why your goals remain only wishes? And how did you really waste time?

As with everything it’s a combination of two things: YOU & the RECIPE for achieving them.

And the better the recipe, the higher the likelihood of you being able to make these goals real.

We’ve studied hundreds of now thousands of successful people and how they managed to achieve their goals. We’ve used what we learned for personal and professional growth. So we put these recipes together in a premium learning experience called: GOAL MASTERY which will become available this quarter.

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You Find Escapism in Something That You Know Isn’t Doing You Good Long Term

You want to know a secret? Most people don’t actually want to be happy, all they want to do is escape from pain and suffering – whatever form that takes in their life. Probably so do you.

The common way people found themselves able to escape suffering is by endulging in something that offers them the escape their looking for, even if it’s just for a few hours. 

That’s why you feel like you NEED a smoke break. It’s not the cigarette, but the 5-10 minutes you spent disconnecting from whatever work you have to do. It’s the fact that you want to waste time doing nothing, so that you don’t have to do the “everything.”

You even smile when you find the same type of behavior in other people in different forms. Drugs, alcohol, food, reality tv, adult entertainment you name it.

Sometimes you don’t even feel the need for it, it’s just that you’re bored and you know a way to fill in that time gap. 

As with everything of this nature, once you’re done and look back on what you just did there’s a freeling of angst. It didn’t feel right did it? You’re mature and smart enough to ask yourself, why in the world did you do that?!

Yet, the brain forgives and forgets until you do it again. 

The way to deal with this is to replace it with something that is beneficial long term. Feeling stressed? Instead of going for a smoke, go for a run. Instead of jerking off, hit the gym. Feeling bored? Force yourself to work on your business.

Get yourself “addicted” to the things that are propelling your forward and you just cracked the code to long-term success.


You Have No Friends or Feel Like a Burden to Those Around You

It feels weird doesn’t it?! To feel this way and to know that to some degree this is true.

You still rely on other people to take care of you although the time has long come for you to move out and be independent.

A big wake-up call comes when you realise who don’t have friends by choice, but by convenience. 

You are friends with these people because you work together, you were forced to be in school together, but outside of the bonding that came from mandatory attendance, you never made other friends. This is a big red-flag that screams:

Life is happening – to you, not because of you!

Flip this switch. Start making life happen so we don’t waste time any further!


You Waste a Ridiculous Amount of Time on Repetitive Activities

The worst thing is you don’t even take any more pleasure out of it.

Here are a couple of them, see if you identify with any of them:

You Rewatch old tv-shows not because they’re super good, but because you miss the feeling you had when you first watched it. It’s nostalgia.

You keep stalking your ex, highschool crushes or people you don’t know on the internet.

You reorder food from the same 3 places, you hang out at the same cafe, at the same bar and talk about the same 3 topics with the same 3 people you did back in the day. And you waste time with just the same things.

Your life is an endless cycle between waking up, driving to work, driving back from work, going to the same supermarket – can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that you now have a favorite supermarket.. – come how, order food, spend 40 minutes trying to figure out what to watch while your food is getting colder, go to bed and repeat. 

If today starts looking a lot like yesterday, something’s gotta change!


You Think That People Don’t Think Highly of You 

Everyone wants other to acknowledge them.. To “notice me senpai”, but deep down you believe there’s nothing worth acknowledging. 

This is why you think people don’t think highly of you. The truth is, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The less you think of yourself, the less others think of you!

We become the person we believe others believe us to be. 

Cool right?

If this is the truth, then what’s stopping you from using this concept in your favor. Don’t waste time on negative thoughts and start building obnoxious amounts of confidence and see the world open up at your feet. The immediate next step is to act in accordance with this new persona. What would confident you do in this instance?

You see.. Your expectations don’t align with your actions. If you want people to think you’re interesting, you have to do interesting things. It’s so fundamental yet most people get it wrong.


You Can’t Focus and Your Mind Is Tired

This isn’t something most of you consider as a reason why your life is the way it is, but everything we do or not do starts as a choice or an idea inside that head of yours. 

Your inability to focus on something for more that a couple of minutes is what’s keeping you from making the leaps you were hoping for. Just out of curiosity, since you began listening to this, how many times have you checked your phone? Some of you are probably on your phone right now. 

This is what’s costing you progress. 

People think they’re multi-tasking when in reality they’re taking away from what’s bringing them value and throwing that focus into non-useful addictions.

Your mind is your greatest asset and you keep sabotaging it. You distract yourself with shiny objects and because of this it feels strained. It needs rest.

That’s why people end up depressed. Even the word itself comes from the notion of DEEP REST. 

Stop putting so much stress on your mind, learn to find calm and to focus. Prioritise what is important and focus exclusively on that 1 or 2 things. In the short to medium term things will start improving. Just decide that you won’t waste time by keeping your mind at things you want to grow. 

This is exactly why our first premium experience is called MIND MASTERY. In it, you’re learning to take back your mind and use it for personal gain. Mind mastery is available at alux.com/meditation right now, and if you use the promo code ALUXER you can get 25% OFF at checkout.


Your Life Is a Mess – Quite Literally Dirty

Everything about your life is a reflection of who you are. Your life is dirty because you are dirty, your home is dirty, your relationships are dirty. 

It’s not bringing you any pleasure the way it is right now, so why not try to change. After this article is done, clean up your environment for 10 minutes. That’s all. Take 10 minutes and begin relocating things to their rightful place, than look back. Well we all waste time on social media everyday, literally hours on end, it’s not a lot to pay 10 minutes to the surroundings. 

If you were able in just 10 minutes to make that much progress, imagine what you can do in other parts of your life. It takes less than 10 minutes to order healthier food. 10 minutes to organise your tools.It takes less than 10 minutes to read a couple of pages everyday – and you will if the book sits by on your bedrest and isn’t buried under all that garbage. 

The smallest progress is still progress!

And progress makes you feel strong. It makes you feel like you’re in control of your life and this control expands to other parts of your life. 

You can’t clean your house if you can’t clean your room. And you can’t fix the world if you can’t fix your house. Start small, build up from that!


Your Love Life Is Limited to Self-Love, but Not by Choice

People think the right person will magically show up at their doorstep the way postmates does. Unless you fall in love with a postmates delivery person, that’s not gonna happen. 

Here’s something we’d like you to answer:

Do you like yourself? 

Objectively speaking, how can you be better than you are right now? 

Could you lose a couple of pounds? Could you replace the same 3 tshirts? Maybe get a haircut and shave? Maybe expand your interests outside of obscure subredits and 4chan?

Yes we know.. “Women bad” – “women gold diggers” – you can calm down, you don’t have enough gold to worry about that. 

This goes for women as well. If every man you dated was a douchebag, it’s not them, if you who’s only going out with douchebags. Don’t waste time with them, simple as that.

What you probably lack is personality and a large enough sample size to improve your ability to act like a non-threatening human being and improve your decision making process. So the more you isolate yourself from the world, the less you will be able to navigate it. 

Here’s the truth on this one: if you’re clean & you’re making an effort, it’s just a matter of time until you find someone that slowly begins to fill the hole you feel inside of you.

If you have met your Mr/Miss Right and want a perfect relationship, don’t forget to check out 10 Secrets that Make a Successful Relationship.


You Find It Hard to Fall Asleep at Night

Speaking of the hole inside of you, why do you stay up at night and waste time re-living imaginary conversations or moments of the past? 

We get it, you do it once in order for your mind to process a different course of action so you know how to act in the future, but you’re situation is different isn’t it? You’re on a loop. You keep reliving and wishing things turned out different.

Well, they didn’t and that’s a fact. This situation of being stuck in the past turns tomorrow into yesterday. That’s a deeper concept that you’re getting here for free that most of you will miss. 

Have you noticed how happy people can fall asleep quickly and early? You know how they do that, the work at making peace with who they are and they can’t wait to wake up because it feels so great to be them. 

The simplest way to fix this is to work out. You tire the body so it goes into an autosleep mode. With your health steadily improving you begin to think differently. You know how sneakers say you’re not yourself when you’re hungry?! Well, it’s the same with health. 

If you’re not healthy the body doesn’t give you the good stuff, so you’re left depressed and dealing with the scars of the past, because in that situation the future is also filled with pain waiting for you. Health flips the switch on that.


You’d Gladly Trade Your Life With Someone Else

This entire piece was focused on signs someone is wasting their life and the biggest one we could find is this notion that you believe your life isn’t enough and you’d be willing to trade it with someone. 

This is a concept that has governed our thinking for the past few years.

A person achieves happiness and inner success when they no longer wish they could trade their life with someone else!

It took years of tinkering, but we’re finally at a stage in life where we genuinely wouldn’t wish we could trade lives, because we love the one we’re living so much. We don’t need more money because we have enough. The love you get from the family is worth so much more than anything else someone could offer and we’re healthy enough to be able to go through life and enjoy it. 

A normal person wants a million things, a sick person only wants one thing!

This is something we learned from budhism and we’ve made it a priority to focus on only the most important things long term. We put all of this in GOAL MASTERY by the way.

Get to a point in life where you’re so happy, so successful, feel so much love and gratitude that you’d never want to trade.


You Believe Your Best Years Are Behind You

The problem with having the peak of the mountain behind you is that the road ahead is only going down and who wants to live in a world where tomorrow is worse than yesterday?!

This is a very erroneous belief, for the LIVING part of life is measured only by what’s ahead, and the LIVED part by what’s in the past. 

Nothing is stopping you from making tomorrow better than yesterday but yourself. 

You don’t need tomorrow to hit a peak, but in the words of Jay Gatsby,

My life old sport, my life.. has got to be like this… it has to keep going up!”

We only look back to see the positives and we look forward towards the good that is yet to come, for your life is just beginning. This moment right now is the first day of your future. Tomorrow isn’t here, nor is the day after that and how they find you, well… that’s up to you!

Which makes us wonder: Who would you trade your life with right now?

Think about this and write down your answer in the comments. Writing it down will help you understand what you believe your life is missing and that’s what your priority should become.