You Won’t Believe the 10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World!

7 June 2015

9. Spanking in Sweden

We’ve been talking about the spanking as a sexual fantasy when we made the top about weird fetishes of celebrities so we know something about it.  Or that old saying about the spanking? That you deserve a good, old-fashioned spanking?

Next time you go to Sweden, try not to bring the spanking into the conversation because you might get into serious trouble if someone hears you saying that.

But Sweden people refer to the spanking as the punishment kids get from their parents, so they are not allowed to spank them, that made Sweden the first country in the world to ban parents from physically punishing their children.

Other countries followed and still, school punishments are allowed in 19 American states.

10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World
10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World

I know you like to do it, but not in the nest country –>
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