10 Weirdest Cars Ever Made

20 May 2015

Weirdest Cars Ever Made Where Looks Were Neglected

In the history of car making there are some models that we could say they are the weirdest cars ever made, because their appearance was strange and never seen before.

While most of the car producers made some basic models and changed over the years one, two or more features to the vehicle, these car builders decided to take it to another level and created these wonderful, but strange cars.

These are automobile created to depict the future, to express the need for something new or just cars with a lack of imagination.

So let’s see which are the weirdest cars ever made, who brand do they represent and what are the features that make them so distinctive.

10. 1967 Dodge Deora

The first car entering the list of the weirdest cars ever is a concept car that surfaced the media in 1967 when it was initially released.

This is a Dodge Deora, a concept realized by the famous Alexander Brothers in Detroit, who where customizing vehicles back in that day.

The car looks like an El Camino, but backwards, due to the fact that the front part of the car doesn’t have a hood.

The front part resembles the back of some known cars, while the back part, was designed as a pickup, the entire vehicle being an idea of the famous Alexander Brothers about the pickup of the future, this being one of their modified cars at the shop.

#10 1967 Dodge Deora | Weirdest Cars Ever Made | Image Source: 1gai.ru
#10 1967 Dodge Deora | Weirdest Cars Ever Made | Image Source: 1gai.ru
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