Top 15 World’s Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built

27 September 2016

While other people argue about which car to buy, billionaires think about the next most expensive yachts to own.

The world’s richest people have always been competing against each other trying to set themselves apart. Whether it is by buying the biggest houses, most expensive jewelry, fastest cars or some of these most expensive yachts.

There’s something about owning an yacht that is so refined, so connected to freedom that it is no longer just an expensive buy. It is more than that.

You get on board and cruise away from all the stress of the city. And you will be surrounded just by an elite few that you wish to share the moment with. Owning a yacht is the closest thing to owning an island plus its few extra advantages due to the mobility factor.

However, to some people, buying a regular yacht is not a preference. They want to make it personal. Thus, they came up with these most luxurious and most expensive yachts in the world. We ranked fifteen of them and here is the countdown list for you!

15. Seven Seas – $200 million

Top 15 World's Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built | #15. Seven Seas - $200 million
Top 15 World’s Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built | #15. Seven Seas – $200 million | source: oneibiza.com

We kick things up with a yacht belongs to one of the world’s best movie directors, Steven Spielberg. He is one of the only two movie directors who manage to join the Billionaires Club with his $3.7 billion estimated net worth.

With such wealth, it should come as no surprise that he owns one of the world’s most expensive yachts, the Seven Seas. For his personal needs, he hired oceAnco to build his dream yacht. The company’s slogan is Yachts for Visionary Owners. And as a movie director, Spielberg is one heck of a visionary.

You can see this from his Seven Seas. Inside this 280-foot motor yacht is his personal suite. He also built six guest rooms for twelve of his elite guests. In case they are late for Spielberg’s yacht party, they can catch up by flying a helicopter and land it on the yacht’s helipad.

It is not a movie director’s yacht without a movie theater in it. So, he built one inside along with other luxury features for a building cost of $200 million.

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