Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

14 October 2013

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

Did you hear about Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “ concept? Keep reading and be amazed!

The world’s first billion-dollar yacht concept “ Streets of Monaco “is actually modeled after the European principality, and it’s called the haven for billionaires. You can see important parts of Monaco right on the board. On the top deck will be replicas of famous Monaco landmarks like Hotel de Paris, the Monte Carlo Casino, Cafe de Paris, Loews Hotel, and La Rascasse,  as well the go-kart circuit based on the Monaco Grand.Awesome right? You don’t have to visit Monaco if you can be here.

Let’s take a tour of this amazing yacht island “ Streets of Monaco “ !

Specification :

-type of vessel : SWATH

-length: 155 m

-naval architect : BMT Nigel Gee

-yard: TBA

-guests : 16

-crew: 70

-speed: 15 knots

-propulsion :diesel electric

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

The theme of this amazing yacht is based around the Mediterranean principality , being focused on the grand prix circuit. They built a circuit as a fully functional kart. The Monaco story extends beyond this exterior architecture and into the interior spaces giving a seamless transition as guests move between the various areas of the yacht.

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

The Oasis acts as the main boarding point for the yacht , an expensive idea with gradens on the outside of Monaco Casino. When you’ll get in,your attention will be drawn to the central waterfall which continues with a lower pool and the Jacuzzi. Located forward on the lower level is the Spa, with hair and manicure salon, private massage suites, steam or sauna rooms and a large relaxation lounge featuring a spa pool with bar.

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

Forward of the Cafe Bar are gigant windows offering unique under water views .Opposite this feature lies access to the fully equipped Gym which boasts uninterrupted views over the ocean. Nestled between the feature portholes and the Gym is an art lined hallway which acts as the entranceway to `The Grand Atrium’.

Other extravagant bells include multiple swimming pools,  a court for basketball and tennis, a dance hall,  and enough space to accommodate 16 guests and 70 staff. And don’t forget the submarine and helipad.

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

We don’t know if this will become real, because first of all they need a client with a wallet full of money . Scott Poxon, the director of Yacht Island Design said that : “There is a notable amount of detail in place. It would need a commission in order to finalize design requirements of the client and to commence the construction.”

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “



If an ultra-rich client indeed commissions his or her own floating replica of Monaco, it may be the most expensive yacht on the water, but it won’t be the biggest. The most expensive yacht goes to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s 557-foot ‘Eclipse’.

Yacht Island “ Streets of Monaco “

The “ Streets of Monaco” is estimated at $1 billion !

We hope you liked our article about this Yacht Island Design called “ Streets of Monaco “ ! Let’s hope it will be real someday !

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