10 Most Beautiful Castles In Europe

11 January 2016

10 Most Beautiful European Castles

When it comes to beauty and wonder Europe is a place filled with all sorts of things that will absolutely amaze us.

That’s why Today we are going to talk about the most beautiful European castles.

A place rich in history, stories and traditions Europe is the home of some of the most spectacular architecture structures in the world.

Whether we are talking about castles built for the purpose of defending the land or castles built as a home for the royal dynasties, Europe is the place with hundreds of well preserved examples of architectural beauty.

From Ireland to Romania, From Germany to Portugal, be ready to see some amazing medieval structures and to learn about the most beautiful castles in Europe.


Château de Chenonceau, France

I hope you are ready for some amazing and mysterious castles around Europe, as we begin our list with Château de Chenonceau.

This marvelous example of human ingenuity is located in France and built on River Cher.

Most of its current beauty is owed to several influential women as its nicknamed Château des Dames.

The remarkable construction was built on the site of an old mill between 1514–1522 and offers a beautiful combination of late Gothic and early Renaissance.

Since 1840, Château des Dames or Château de Chenonceau is classified as Monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.

10 Most Beautiful European Castles - Château de Chenonceau
10 Most Beautiful European Castles – Château de Chenonceau

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