“The place where future billionaires
come to get inspired”
Eevery day a new person joins the billionaire club. alux.com serves as a resource of tools, knowledge & motivation to facilitate those who are going to be next in line.

In 2013 we began our journey of documenting the most expensive thing in the world. Because of our unique approach to the world of luxury, the project kept evolving.

What started out as a simple database of information on luxury brands and products, quickly evolved into a fast growing Media company that delivers inspiration, tools and knowledge to the 10 million luxury enthusiasts that consume our content on a monthly basis.

We take pride in being at the forfront of the rise of luxury.

Our mission:

Is to make the world of luxury and fine living accessible to as many people as possible from all around the world.




People, from all around the world, comming together because of their passion for luxury and fine living.

Our mission is the cornerstone of everything we do and is embeded in our iconic logo.

We have the right team, a clear vision and the dedication to make this happen. Now it’s just a matter of time and putting in the work.

Emil Anton CEO

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