Why These 10 Cop Shows are The Best

27 April 2016

As you can see, cop shows or crime shows are all over today’s TV. Which one should you watch?

We are currently living in the golden era of TV. Many big screen actors can be seen working on some of the best TV shows lately. The most popular genre among those is crime. Hence, this list of 10 cop shows.

What makes cop shows interesting is the fact that they come with new plot, new mystery, and new drama in every single episode. The writers seem never ran out of ideas of crime stories to tell. Sadly, they are inspired by our day to day life.

Perhaps each of these shows has similar pattern of problem solving week by week, but the characters and their developments keep the show interesting.

Take a look at these brief review of ten cop shows I recommend for you to put on your to watch list. The main cast salary per episode is included.

10. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation / CSI: Miami / CSI: New York / CSI: Cyber

Why These 10 Cop Shows are The Best: CSI
Why These 10 Cop Shows are The Best: CSI | source: cbs.com

Let’s start with the pioneer of scientific cop shows, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The show started in 2000. Since then, it had been going on until last year’s 15th season.

Although the show ended last year, it has grown into several other CSI series, such as CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and the latest one CSI: Cyber starring Oscars winning actress, Patricia Arquette. Ted Danson, who plays D.B. Russell, crossed over from CSI to CSI: Cyber when the main show ended.

The premise of the show is an elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts working on murder cases in Las Vegas. CSI lab is equipped by modern technology, making it the high-end crime solving team.

Each of the CSI series offers you a plot of interesting characters beside the crime stories solved in each episode. Are you familiar with Horatio’s famous flick-your-sunglasses move? You would carry the same swag if you have $35 million of net worth in your bag. The actor, David Caruso, is paid $375,000 per episode of CSI: Miami.

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