10 Best General Motors Models of All Time

21 November 2014

10 Best General Motors Models of All Time

You all heard about General Motors, but have you ever wondered which are the best models they manufactured until now?

If you haven’t, I’m sure you are now, and that’s perfect, because we have a list with ten Best General Motors Models just for you.

They all are models that helped build the brand that we all know today, and that’s why we wanted to bring them to you.

And we hope that you’ll find on this list all your favourite models, but if you don’t, well that’s OK, because we can’t satisfy everybody with only 10 models.

Feel free to make your own list, and leave it to us in the comments section. But first let’s see if we’re on the same page here.

Let’s see which are the 10 Best General Motors Models of All Time!

10. Hummer H3

Built between the years 2005 and 2010, the Hummer H3 is an SUV manufactured by General Motors.

The car was introduced for the 2006 model year, and it was launched with a 3.5 liter straight-5 cylinder L52 engine that produced 220 hp.

But one year after, in 2007, the H3’s engine was replaced by the 3.7 liter LLR that produced 242 hp.

The H3 came fitted with a two-speed, electronically controlled full-time four-wheel drive system, and could ford 24 inches of water at a speed of 5 mph (8.0 km/h).

10 Best General Motors Models of All Time
10 Best General Motors Models of All Time #10 Hummer H3 [Image Source: larevueautomobile.com]
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