10 Best Lexus Models of All Time

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10 Best Lexus Models of All Time

If you were searching for the Best Lexus Models manufactured so far, you’re in the right place.

Because we decided to bring you ten of the most iconic cars that were built by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Lexus.

And keeping the tradition alive, like on the rest of the articles of this kind, I will challenge you to do the same.

To make your own list of what you think might be the then best Lexus models of all time, and share it with us in the comment section.

What do you think, are you up to the challenge? But first, let’s see if we’re on the same page here!

10. Lexus CT

And we’re going to start this list with a model manufactured by Lexus in 2011, the CT (200h).

The CT model is a hybrid electric automobile introduced by Lexus as a premium sport compact hatchback at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show.

The name of the Lexus CT stands for “Creative Touring” and “200h” following it, refers to the hybrid performance being equal to that of a conventional 2.0-litre engine.

The car is powered by the same 1.8-litre VVT-i four-cylinder petrol engine, and paired with electric motor/generators in the hybrid drive system it produces up to 100 kW (134 hp).

10 Best Lexus Models of All Time
10 Best Lexus Models of All Time #10 Lexus CT [Image Source: listadecarros.com]
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