10 Best Sports Shoe Brands of All Time

3 December 2014

10 Best Sports Shoe Brands of All Time

 If you were wondering which are the best sports shoe manufacturers, you’re in the right place.

Because we gathered the best brands in the business and we’re bringing them to you in a list of ten.

Weather you play football, basketball, you want to go skating or climbing, you’re going to want to choose these brands when it comes to buying your shoes.

With a great history behind them, these ten brands managed to create something amazing, something that will make all the sports related activities a lot more pleasant and comfortable for you.

So let’s see if you agree with us, let’s see who made it on our 10 Best Sports Shoe Brands of All Time list!

10. FILA

10 Best Sports Shoe Brands of All Time
10 Best Sports Shoe Brands of All Time #10 FILA [Image Source: bp.blogspot.com]

 Created in Biella, Piedmont, by the Fila brothers in 1909, Fila started manufacturing clothing for the people of the Italian Alps.

Before moving into sportswear in the 1970s, the company’s primary product was originally underwear.

The company was sold to US hedge fund Cerberus Capital Management in 2003, after Fila over-committed itself to expensive athletic endorsements.

Cerberus owned the company through holding its Sports Brands International, which owned and operated all Fila businesses around the world with the exception of Fila Korea.

Fila is now one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturing companies.

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