10 Celebrities Who Are Sexier Than Ever | Sexy Over 50

11 April 2016

Can you be sexy over 50?

Celebrities’ lifestyle and improvement make them what they are today. Some of them seem to age more than others, some of them don’t even look like they age. We are going to take a look at some of them who do age, but manage to look sexy over 50.

The meaning of sexy is sexually attractive or exciting. None of them mentions young or age preference. It all depends on how someone brings out their charm and sexy aura. Being sexy is not just about looking good, but also about bringing it to the top game.

You would expect a 50 years old man or woman to look old and somewhat boring. Working in the entertainment industry demands the celebrities to avoid that judgment.

Some of them do succeed on that. Take a look at these 10 celebrities who look sexier than ever. You wouldn’t even believe that they are on their 50s. What are we waiting for… Let’s just get started!

10. Sharon Stone

10 Celebrities Who Are Sexier Than Ever | Sexy Over 50 Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone | source: lucababini.com

First up is Sharon Stone. Take a look at that picture and tell me she is not sexy over 50! She is now 58 years old but she looks even sexier than ever.

Sharon’s eroticism bloomed as she starred the movie Basic Instinct in 1992. Yes, the one with the crossing legs scene. It was not her only nudity recorded. She also posed nude for Playboy during the film’s release.

Sharon does have a firm and healthy figure. She is known to practice weightlifting and Taekwondo, the Korean martial art. In 1999, Playboy rated her as one of the 25 sexiest stars in the century.

Today, you can watch her latest work in the TV series, Agent X. You can still see the sexual appeal she is famous for. Sharon Stone is definitely sexy over 50.

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