10 Celebrity Hobbies That Will Surprise You

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10 Celebrity Hobbies That Will Surprise You

Today we think you might want to enjoy an interesting article like this one, where we’ll present to you 10 celebrity hobbies that will surprise you!

After a long day on the movie set, what do celebrities do? Everybody needs some me-time.
And what most people turn to is a hobby.

There are several Hollywood stars who have some, let’s just say strange, hobbies.

And when we say strange, it’s because you could never have guessed that the sex symbol Johnny Depp likes to play with Barbie dolls. That’s one example. And there are 9 others like him that will surprise you.

Let’s get started and see what hobbies these celebrities have!

10Mila Kunis

We begin our top 10 with the American actress, Mila Kunis.

Milena Markovna Kunis was born on August 14, 1983 and she’s one of the most famous stars in the world.
Best known for her role on ‘That 70s Show’, turns out that Mila is an avid fan of gaming, especially of World of Warcraft.

No, we can’t tell you the server on which she plays, because she keeps it a secret.
Mila Kunis joined ‘One of Swords’ podcast’s¬†to talk about her gaming life.

The American beauty isn’t the only one who loves World of Warcraft.
Among other celebrities are included Dave Chapelle, William Shatner, Vin Diesel, Macaulay Culkin, Elijah Wood and Jimmy Fallon.

10 Celebrity Hobbies That Will Surprise You 10. Mila Kunis
10 Celebrity Hobbies That Will Surprise You 10. Mila Kunis

Rod Stewart’s hobby is not that out of the ordinary, but he took things to the extreme!

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