10 Countries Where You Can Start a New Life

14 April 2016

8. Hong Kong

10 Countries Where You Can Start a New Life Hong Kong
Hong Kong from a Luxurious Balcony View | source: remotelands.com

Do you want to live abroad but cannot say goodbye to your Chinese takeout restaurant? Hong Kong can be your answer. This place is one of the most popular food and entertainment centers in Asia.

Even though it is not a tax free land like the Bahamas, Hong Kong is still one of the world’s most favorable tax systems. It is not just about the tax rate, but also the fact that Hong Kong offers tons of investment income.

To apply for Hong Kong citizenship, you just have to stay there permanently for seven years and you are automatically a citizen of Hong Kong.

This is a great place to start a new life without leaving the city life you are used to. Plus, your business and your investment will be secured if not increase.

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