Steal the Red Carpet Look from Some of the Most Stylish Celebrities

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    How these celebrities pull off the men’s red carpet look?

    Women’s fashion improves from time to time. Actress and female celebrities have a lot of options to pull off their carpet look. With fewer options and less variety, how these male celebrities pull off their men’s red carpet look?

    You would think that they will show up at the red carpet wearing the same old stuff, classic suit and tie. Yes, that is the main dress code for evening prestigious award shows or galas. But no, there is more to it.

    It is the same thing as saying that women can only wear dress on evening event. Just like women’s fashion, there are many ways a man can pull off an elegant yet interesting look on red carpet.

    See these ten male celebrities on the red carpet with their own style and unique look. There is only one key to pull it off: confidence.

    10. Will Smith at The 2014 Academy Awards

    10 Different Men's Red Carpet Look Will Smith

    Will Smith | source: instyle.co.uk

    Let’s start the list with the simplest modification to the suit and tie classic look. Most men would just make modification to the tie only. Either go with a simple slick tie or a gentleman bow tie.

    You can actually lose the tie and put on some scarf instead. Just like what Will Smith did for the 2014 Academy Awards. He looks charming with the dark brown suit and a little touch of handkerchief.

    If you can pull of a killer confidence like Will did, you can make one-button-down shirt formal and elegant. This exciting spin on the classic suit is one of Will’s strong style statements.

    It is too bad that Will didn’t come to the last Academy Award due to diversification issue. Seeing him at the red carpet has always been a breath of a fresh air to our eyes.

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