Hugh Jackman Facts That Every Fan Should Know

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    Here are 10 things about Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman that every fan should know.

    Actors wearing the mantle of different superheroes change with time. While ageing is a common factor, dedication to act under the same superhero title has equal play in the game. We have even seen many actors to perform several superhero characters together. This is quite unacceptable, atleast for superhero fanboys like me. However, there always has been one exception in the superhero league where a character has been portrayed by a single actor since its introduction to the big screen. You got it right! Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. No matter in which timeline the story has taken place, Logan a.k.a Wolverine has always been played by Hugh Jackman.

    Hugh Jackman is a Libra, being born on 12th October 1968. Although he started his career in his early 30s, he is one of the most successful actors of Hollywood in present times. Jackman is perhaps one of the few actors in Hollywood who has been able to make a name in the industry in as less as 15 years.

    We all know that Jackman is an Australian actor and is a part of a production company. But apart from being an actor and producer, he has other incarnations and early life secrets that most of you are not well acquainted with. Check out these amazing cool stuffs about him that have been shortlisted only for you.

    1. Hugh Jackman is a musician

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Hugh Jackman singing

    Hugh Jackman singing | via dreamlandapparel.com

    Well, a singer actually. Hugh Jackman is known to flaunt an excellent voice when it comes to singing. He has shared his magical tone at friends’ wedding parties and also on Broadway nights. Wolverine fans never saw this coming, did they?

    2. He was a birthday party clown

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Jackman as birthday party clown

    Jackman as birthday party clown | via dailymail.co.uk

    No matter how astonishing and unbelievale it may sound but that’s the hard truth about the actor’s past. Hugh Jackman used to perform as a clown in birthday parties and even worked as a gas station attendant for a few years. Sure it has been a tough time for Hugh back then!

    3. Hugh emphasized on Journalism before he became an actor

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Young Hugh Jackman

    Young Hugh Jackman | via thefamouspeople.com

    Not all actors have a dream to become one from their early days and our Wolverine falls in the list. Hugh Jackman emphasized on Journalism before he started his career and graduated with a BA degree in Communications. It was only after his graduation that he took part in a drama and felt that acting was his cup of tea.

    4. He started his career with the ABC flick, Correlli

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Jackman in Correlli

    Jackman in Correlli | via theaustralian.com.au

    Although, Hugh debuted with Nine Network’s drama series, Law of the Land, and starred in a single episode, his first major role was in the ABC drama series, Correlli which lasted for one season and ten episodes.  He was acclaimed for his role as the prison inmate, Kevin Jones. However, Correlli was more important as a benchmark in his life as he met Deborra-Lee Furness, the lead of the show and his future-wife, on the sets.

    5. His wife is his key to success

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Hugh and Deborra

    Hugh and Deborra | via aww.com.au

    At the time when he met Deborra on the sets of Correlli, she was a successful actress of the industry and Hugh was a newcomer. But Hugh admits that Deborra has been his key to success all along. It was only because of her constant support that he grew as an actor and rose to fame in Hollywood even after having a late start in his career.

    6. The film Prestige wasn’t the first time Hugh portrayed a magician

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Hugh Jackman in Prestige

    Hugh Jackman in Prestige | via actoroscar.blogspot.com

    Jackman always had a knack for magic since his childhood and he loved the performance involved in the act more than the tricks. As a kid, he would organize small magic shows to surprise and entertain his siblings. So, his role as magician, Robert Angier in Prestige wasn’t really the first time he put up a magic trick.

    7. Dougray Scott is the reason that made Hugh everyone’s favorite Wolverine

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Jackman and Scott

    Scott and Jackman | via eonline.com

    We, the fanatics of the clawed superhero, shall aways remain debted to Dougray Scott for turning Hugh Jackman into Logan a.k.a. The Wolverine. Before the first X-Men movie rolled on floors, Dougray Scott was cast as the Wolverine. However, date clashes with the director led to a re-casting and Jackman was offered the role. And the rest is history.

    8. He learnt Martial Arts for the role of Wolverine

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

    Hugh Jackman in Real Steel | via news.com.au

    Actors can leave a mark not only by their acting but also through their dedication. In order to perfectly fit in the role of Wolverine and portray the character more accurately by performing the stunts himself, Hugh Jackman learnt Martial Arts. His determination bore delicious fruits!

    9. He is the only actor in the world to portray the same character 9 times in a movie

    Wolverine costume in the movie | via forbes.com

    Wolverine costume in the movie | via forbes.com

    Not 6, not 7, not 8 but 9 times! Hugh Jackman has an exceptional record of portraying the Marvel superhero nine times in a movie. He has so far starred in 8 movies as Wolverine till X-Men: Age of Apocalypse and will be flaunting his adamantium claws one last time in the upcoming superhero sequel, Wolverine 3.

    10. Wolverine 3 is going to be a badass final performance by Hugh

    10 Things You Never Heard About Hugh Jackman | Jackman on the sets of Wolverine 3

    Jackman on the sets of Wolverine 3 | via croogles.com

    Since Hugh officially announced his retirement as the fan favorite superhero after one more film, there were much speculations as to which storyline would be followed in the last movie after the X-Men series received a witty reboot through X-Men: Days of Future Past. While there were rumors that the third Wolverine movie would be based on the Old Man Logan storyline, it isn’t true at all. Hugh, however, looks a bit old as Wolverine in the newly released set photos of the upcoming movie but the story is more speculated to have Wolverine’s female counterpart, X-23 to take over the mantle after his departure. No matter which story the film would follow, we are sure Hugh is ready to give a badass performance as Logan, “one last time”.

    Take a look at our article on the Most Expensive Superhero Films Released So Far  or explore Jackman’s Filmography.

    Hope you loved our article on Hugh Jackman. Do share your thoughts by commenting below.

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