10 Female Celebs Worth Millions To Have A Date With

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10 Female Celebs We’d Pay Millions To Have A Date With

Hello guys and welcome back! How’s your 2016 so far ? I hope everything is working according to your plans, because we have a wonderful journey ahead of us.

Today we’ll keep it simple and we are going to talk about an interesting thing. But first, let me ask you one question!

If you’d have the chance of paying millions of dollars to have a date with your favorite female celebrity, who would that be ?

Would it be a charming Hollywood actress or a beautiful female singer and songwriter ?

Yes, you got it! On today’s topic we are going to see which are the 10 female celebs that most people would pay millions to have a date with.

Make sure you let us which one of these beautiful celebrities is your favorite and tell us why!


Rachel McAdams

Our first female celebrity that we’d pay millions to have a date with is the beautiful Rachel McAdams.

This Canadian born actress is a real Hollywood star who performed in numerous successful movies.

For those who don’t know, she is the amazing face from The Notebook movie and from the Sherlock Holmes franchise, where she starred alongside Robert Downey, Jr.

Besides her incredible beauty and impressive career, Rachel McAdams is also an environmentalist and spends most of her time promoting the healthy lifestyle.

10 Female Celebs We'd Pay Millions To Have A Date With - Rachel McAdams
10 Female Celebs We’d Pay Millions To Have A Date With – Rachel McAdams

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